24 Hour time option on Converts to your time zone

Hey IFC,

I noticed that all the 2021-08-28T05:00:00Z things all come in 12 hour time. Is there anyway to put this into 24 hour time?

I know a lot of us like that better so that’s why I’m asking

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Disregard, i’m seeing the same ^^^

I don’t believe there is a way unless another user might know.


Hi, pretty sure you can’t make it 24 hour for everybody, but you can have it in a 24 hour format for youself by changing the language to English (UK) in Preferences → Interface


That’s what I had, just tested it out and it still shows 12hr time on polls.

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Weird, works for me. Maybe it is actually device-based


worked for me too

Ok thanks everyone!

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