24 Hour round trip Down Under & Back! LAX-SYD-LAX 7.14.22

The only livery on the 777-300ER that I remarkably haven’t flown since the global era is Virgin Australia! I figured it was time to put some used to it by flying 14 hours on a route that is sadly suspended until further notice by VA. (Now, if you would simply look below and marvel the fantastic LAX Departure shot) After I landed, I realized the Qantas 787-9 was updated to the present “Silveroo” Livery! Made that a priority to fly back to LAX instead of the A380 I had planned.

Photos were taken on the Expert Server and edited with Adobe Lightroom! :)


It’s bootiful


Nice one, always good to see another Qantas in the sky 🙌

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The new silveroo livery is cool

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Great screenshots :)

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