24 hour restrictions?

Is there a way I can get rid of this one restriction?

I worked hard to get grade 3 but now I just found out I hav done restriction over the limit. Will I not be able to get grade 3?

Just wait for less than 24 hours and you will be ok.


Ok thank you

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Just bear in mind looking at your stats be very careful not to get another violation since your on the border of not being able to play in the Expert server for 7 days!

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Jesus Christ shank you so much! I’m not even home for 7 more days!😅

To Add-On

You can check your logbook to see exactly what time you received those violations. Exactly 24 hours after you received them… They will not show in that restriction anymore

Lol i was doing a long haul flight while I was sleeping but I guess something happened…image

Interesting you mention his name. I’m celebrating a great feast about him today ☺️

How did you manage to get acrobatic violations? Was that real fun & games or perhaps a terrible landing? Be careful not to do loops etc close to an airport’s airspace.


It wasn’t my fault. My yoke disconnected and I had no control over it.

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