24.2 sound CONCEPT video

As 24.2 (aka A380) update is just around the corner, I have put together a video with concepts of what the A380 could sound like, using Audio and video editing to achieve this, visit my unlisted video if you’re interested!

I am not associated with the development team or the beta testing team, this is recorded with the currently available A380 in 24.1, this video is fan made and 2 of its features in the video are unconfirmed (bass boosted GE90 sound and A380 flaps sound), please do not ask me anything about the update as I know just as much as you do.

Flight information


Just fyi, to implement any sort of sounds into the game the devs have to have multiple recordings of different areas of the plane (inside and outside), and then modify it to fit into the sound engine of the game. It is not a simple process. (I may not be 100% accurate on what it requires nor am i a game developer, however the main point stands, sounds are very complicated to integrate)

I know it’s not a simple process, there’s a reason why I mentioned concept everywhere as this might not be implemented by the official team


Didn’t knew that was inside too? I thought flap sounds where the same everywhere in the cabin.


Plus I never mentioned this as a feature request, even if I were to do that, it’s way too late to do so, this is just a fan made skit just to have some fun

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Yeah, i understand where your coming from.

But your concept (from my understanding) isnt implementable in the format its in. They need high quality audio recordings from different areas of the plane. You’ve completed <1% of what is required to implement new sounds

Go into the simulator and pull up one of your replays. Go to cruise, in the fly by view and listen as the plane passes the camera. The sound of the engine changes as it passes.

As i said in my first post, im not a developer. And I dont know specifically about the flap sounds. However, I believe Jason (or one of the staff members) wrote a blog post about why new sounds were not feasible (not specifically for the A380, all new aircraft in general. The post is at least a few months old)

(Edit 1) Reference: A Note About Aircraft Sounds

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I understand what it needs to achieve the full reworked sound, as i said, it a fan made skit, it was never intended to into such minute detail, it just a rough concept of what it could be, giving people ideas…

My point was just a fyi, nothing further.

On a random Discord QnA, one of us asked about the Airbus GPWS, as far as I remember they actually denied that it would be coming in 24.2, and obviously they found a solution to that problem and immediately implemented for this update, just because they said no at the time, doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible, yes I don’t expect the flaps sound is implemented but this is a concept, nothing is real in a concept

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Im not going to speculate.

I never said that. I was just restating what Jason said at the time, and we havent heard any further on the topic.

Regardless, im not going to continue this conversation as its moot. Enjoy the rest of your day/night!!

If you want that post i referenced, ive linked it here for you: A Note About Aircraft Sounds

the flaps sound like an air raid siren lol

nice work tho, sounds good

I pulled it straight off a yt vid lol😂


What’s the release date??

Sounds very good btw!!

Not this week for sure

Probably next Monday. Just guessing don’t take it seriously.

Are those flap sounds even real💀💀

thats where i got it from