24.2 a380 old version still

I was excited to get home and fly the newly reworked a380 all to find out that the legacy version is still on my phone, as of now i am posting this at 8:00 EST and the game hasnt updated, is the update fully pushed out? or is something wrong?

It’s a gradual rollout. Not everybody gets it at the same time.

It should be out for everyone by now though.

@Pilot_Bowen - check your app store - search up “Infinite Flight” and see if there’s an update available. Updates don’t always automatically download.

i am on apple, would this be the issue?

Shouldn’t be - even iOS rollout should be done by now.

alright, im on IOS 17 so ill look for updates

i see the update tab

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i appreciate the help

Awesome - glad I could help!

Enjoy the update :)