23SEP23: Columbo Sri Lanka Flyout CANCELLED

Can I get this gate but switch the flight to Qatar flight 665 to Doha but operated by Oman Air A330-300 btw this a real flight, thanks!

@_TheTexanAvgeek out of pure curiosity… is that a charter service

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Nope it’s a regurally scheduled flight sometimes the flight is operated by Qatar aircraft and sometimes Oman Air operates under Qatar callsign

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Oman air leased a few aircraft to Qatar when the Airbus-Qatar A350 saga was happening. That’s why Oman air aircraft are operating with Qatar Callsign


Airbus Scarebus

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SmartLynx operated charter flights between Riga and Colombo in 2021

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Just 2 short weeks till this amazing flyout 🇱🇰

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Keep Filling up Columbo! Just 11 short days left!

I can no longer attend, sorry.

@Wonderousbuilder641 no problemo

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Less than a week left!


@Aryan_Dharamshi welcome to the community!! I’ll get you signed up

I can take ATC if necessary

@Butter575 Thanks much my friend!

Ille take this one to the beautiful city of Seoul ty

Didn’t I reserve this?

@Jay003 coming right up
@Wonderousbuilder641 indeed! Would you like to reclaim your territory

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Yes I would, lol

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Roger that 😎