23OCT21 / 2100z - Qantas Virtual Group Presents: Reopening Australia - YSSY-NZAA

Photo taken by QVG Event Leader @Andy_R

Reopening Australia - Event Departed

A Qantas Virtual Group Event

With Australia set to reopen its borders with the rest of the world, we here at QVG want to celebrate this by flying across the Tasman Sea to the home of our fellow brothers and sisters, New Zealand. This travel bubble has helped both countries several times, so we are going to celebrate it one final time.


Departure Airport: YSSY - Sydney
Arrival Airport: NZAA - Auckland

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Qantas A330

Flight Time: 2:30 - 3:00 hours

Event Depature

ATC coverage at both YSSY and NZAA: @Ben_Bino

You will be added to another message, which will contain event information on the day of event, if you choose to sign up.


To request a gate, simply reply to the thread with:

GATE ## - IF Callsign - IFC Username

Gates - Sydney International Terminal

Gate IF Callsign IFC Username
Gate 8 Qantas 9VG @Thor_Jensen (QVG Event Manager)
Gate 9 Qantas 888VG @Andy_R
Gate 10 Qantas 7VG @Oli_H
Gate 24 Qantas 809VG @Diomar_Hernandez
Gate 25 Qantas 253VG @FiniteFlying
Gate 30 Qantas 881VG @Tornado_1v1
Gate 31 Qantas 548VG @Arnav_Ola
Gate 32 Qantas 110VG @Infiniteflight2
Gate 33 Qantas 143 @Dylan.Winklosky
Gate 34 Qantas 343 @FLIGHT_G_YT
Gate 35 Qantas 126VG @Patrick_Sterling_Jr
Gate 36 Qantas 771VG @SeanAviation
Gate 37 QF7523 @Ethan_Brown
Gate 51 QF141 @ralph_ocfemia
Gate 53 Qantas 902VG @Sueno43
Gate 57 @CanadianNorth
Gate 58 Qantas 750VG @Hamish-H
Gate 59
Gate 60
Gate 61
Gate 63
Gate 56
Gate 54
Gate 50

More gates will be added if needed


Additionally, check out our thread here.


Sign me up, please! And thanks for using my shot! :)

Andy_R - QVG888

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Feel free to chuck me down as ATC at both!


Thanks dude,

Lucky to have you!

Kind regards,
Event Manager - Qantas Virtual Group

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Can i please have a gate!

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I’ll have a gate, looking forward to it :)

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Sign me up! QVG 253

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Sign me up! QVG 881!

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Hi can I have gate 24 callsign QVG548

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Hi, may I sign up for gate 25 please? My callsign will be Qantas 110VG. I am about 80% sure I can join, but if I can’t then I will let you know. Thanks!

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Hey! could i please use the Qantas 737 since I don’t have the reworked a330??

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Can I join I will take any gate

Also what time zone is this

I’d love a gate please! I’ll use the callsign Qantas 143 :)

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Callsign Qantas 343 this is for my YouTube channel

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@Thor_Jensen Would have loved to be apart of the event, however I can’t attend. Looking out for the next QVG event though

What the time zone

@FiniteFlying @Tornado_1v1 @Infiniteflight2 @FLIGHT_G_YT @Arnav_Ola @Dylan.Winklosky You all have been issued gates! Looking forward to seeing you there :)

Kind regards,
Oli H - QVG HR


Hi @FLIGHT_G_YT, the time and date in the original post should automatically move to your time zone.

Kind regards
Oli H - QVG HR

Hi @ybtl.aviation, that’s all good. Just let me know what your IF callsign is so I can add you to the main thread.

Kind regards,
Oli H - QVG HR

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