23OCT21 / 1500Z - LARGEST EVER! Manchester UK Flyout @ EGCC [COMPLETED]

🇬🇧 Manchester Flyout 🇬🇧

We are back!
The second Manchester flyout is here with 3D. This event is brought to you by @Haribo, @CPTO and @Kyle



Manchester Ringway airport is the biggest airport in the NW of England and was built in 1938. It has 2 runways both of nearly 10,000ft. Manchester airport covers an area of 1,400 acres and serves over 190 destinations. The airport is a hub for Jet2, Easyjet UK, Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic and TUI Airways. The airport was recently given 3D by Infinite Flight and due to this we couldn’t resist the well requested part 2 of our Manchester flyout!

Event info

Airport: EGCC
Server: Expert
Time: 2021-10-23T15:00:00Z

Gate assignments

Terminal 1
Airline Equipment Destination ICAO Gate User
Easyjet A320 Basel [3D] LFSB 1-01 @AviationZyYT
Lufthansa CRJ900 Munich [3D] EDDM 1-02 @Diamond
Easyjet A320 Gibraltar [3D] LXGB 1-04 @Champloo
Easyjet A320 Porto [3D] LPPR 1-05 @MADCAT
Easyjet A320 Madeira (Funchal) [3D] LPMA 1-06 @jxyd_xn
Aer Lingus A320 Dublin [3D] EIDW 1-07 @tjb0709
Easyjet A320 Athens [3D] LGAV 1-08 @Eagle2703
Easyjet A320 Munich [3D] EDDM 1-09 @Ashaan_Andy_Asif
Easyjet A319 Paris [3D] LFPG 1-10 @HUMVEE
Easyjet A320 Tivat LYTV 1-11 @AverageJoe
Emirates A380 Dubai [3D] OMDB 1-12 @Chindle_1204
Easyjet A319 Ibiza LEIB 1-15 @Dinho
Flybe Dash-8 Isle of Man EGNS 1-16 @JayIOM
Flybe Dash-8 Isle of Man EGNS 1-17 @AdamCallow
Easyjet A320 Munich [3D] EDDM 1-21 @Xavier_Wynne
SAS A320 Copenhagen EKCH 1-22 @Neman_Rahmani
Icelandair 752 Keflavik [3D] BIKF 1-23 @Noxu
Swiss A321 Zurich [3D] LSZH 1-24 @Basilisk
Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt [3D] EDDF 1-25 @Bernd_Jammernegg
Turkish A333 Istanbul [3D] LTFM 1-26 @askrdl
Swiss A321 Zurich [3D] LSZH 1-27 @SeaDogAviation
Austrian Airlines A321 Vienna LOWW 1-28 @Nefarious
Aer Lingus A333 Orlando KMCO 1-29 @30AR
Hainan A333 Chongqing ZUCK 1-31 @AviatorEgcc
Finnair A321 Helsinki EFHK 1-32 @Pilot_Aaltonen
Terminal 2
Airline Equipment Destination ICAO Gate User
Jet 2 738 Larnaca [3D] LCLK 2-101 @Collins4486
Eurowings A319 Düsseldorf EDDL 2-103 @GER-ALLIANCE-KEVIN
Cathay Pacific A359 Hong Kong VHHH 2-104 @Arnav_Ola
TUI 752 Boa Vista GVBA 2-105 @Captain_Dreamliner
TUI 788 Punta Cana MDPC 2-106 @Alexbg29
United Airlines 752 Washington [3D] KIAD 2-107 @alen_rgb
TUI 738 Skiathos LGSK 2-109 @Potcake
Virgin Atlantic A333 Los Angeles [3D] KLAX 2-110 @Captian_Bryon
Jet 2 738 Madeira (Funchal) [3D] LPMA 2-111 -
Ethiopian 788 Addis Ababa [3D] (via Brussels) EBBR/HAAB 2-112 @ButterAllDay
Jet 2 752 Tenerife GCTS 2-113 @redbone
Jet Airways A333 Mumbai [3D] VABB 2-116 @Mayank_Pawar
Singapore Airlines A359 Singapore [3D] WSSS 2-202 @Goodboy1724
Virgin Atlantic A333 New York [3D] KJFK 2-204 @Qatari777YT
Singapore Airlines A350 Houston KIAH 2-206 @Arizona_Aviator
Aer Lingus A333 Barbados TBPB 2-208 @FlyIf_0011IFPA
TUI 789 Cancun MMUN 2-210 @Lachlanavitor
TUI 738 Madeira (Funchal) [3D] LPMA 2-211 @Destroyer350
Jet 2 752 Palma de Mallorca LEPA 2-233 @LucasFil1
Aegean A320 Athens [3D] LGAV 2-235 @Eugene_Leybovich
Jet 2 738 Innsbruck LOWI 2-237 @Krishnendu_Banerjee
TUI 752 Rhodes LGRP 2-239 @InfiniteflightproYT
TUI 752 Larnaca [3D] LCLK 2-241 @Logan_Lee
Brussels Airlines A319 Brussels [3D] EBBR 2-243 @Toukaneki
Terminal 3
Airline Equipment Destination ICAO Gate User
British Airways E190 London City EGLC 1-18 @IF.Maks
British Airways A319 London Heathrow [3D] EGLL 3-41 @Blink
British Airways A320 London Heathrow [3D] EGLL 3-42 @Tom_Jennings
Ryanair 738 Madrid [3D] LEMD 3-43 @MainSky
Ryanair 738 Dublin [3D] EIDW 3-44 @John_Ryan1
Ryanair 738 Porto [3D] LPPR 3-47 -
Ryanair 738 Dublin [3D] EIDW 3-48 @CPTO
KLM 737 Amsterdam EHAM 3-49 @MrAftonn
KLM 737 EHAM EHAM 3-50 @StefH
Air France A320 Paris [3D] LFPG 3-51 @PATOU95
Iberia A321 Madrid [3D] LEMD 3-52 @Captain_T_Malone
Vueling A320 Barcelona LEBL 3-53 -
Ryanair 738 Dublin [3D] EIDW 3-54 @kit_v_kapushone
Ryanair 738 Eindhoven [3D] EHEH 3-55 @PolandBall_120
British Airways A320 London Heathrow [3D] EGLL 3-56 -
British Airways A320 London Heathrow [3D] EGLL 3-57 @Chris_Wing
Ryanair 738 Gdańsk EPGD 3-58 -
Remote Gates
Airline Equipment Destination ICAO Gate User
Virgin Atlantic A333 Boston [3D] KBOS REMOTE 61 @moonlightbae
Austrian Airlines A321 Vienna LOWW REMOTE 62 @Vinny_Lesseop
Jet 2 752 Corfu KGKR REMOTE 63 @TheExDid_HD
TUI 788 Malaga LEMG REMOTE 64 @Tre_Dior
Etihad Airways 78X Abu Dhabi OMAA REMOTE 72 @Deakin_pope
Hi Fly A339 Ushuaia [3D] SAWH REMOTE 927 @DuncanNL
Delta 752 New York [3D] KJFK REMOTE 925 @Apple_Haye
Austrian Airlines A321 Vienna LOWW REMOTE 81 @CrazyBee
Virgin Atlantic A333 Las Vegas [3D] KLAS REMOTE 82 @RileyBozina
Qatar Airways 77W Doha OTHH REMOTE 83 @CaptRana
Saudia 789 Jeddah [3D] OEJN REMOTE 84 @Monkey_Pilots
Austrian Airlines A321 Vienna LOWW REMOTE 100 @Robert_NG001
Austrian Airlines A321 Vienna LOWW REMOTE 101 @Luu
Cargo Gates
Airline Equipment Destination ICAO Gate User
FedEx 77F Harrisburg KMDT CARGO 66 @Tyler_Shelton
FedEx 77F Paris [3D] LFPG CARGO 67 @superknight
DHL 77F Kangerlussuaq BGSF CARGO 68 @Nightt
Turkish Airlines 77F Istanbul [3D] LTFM CARGO 69 @AviationAlex
Lufthansa Cargo MD11 Munich [3D] EDDM CARGO 70 @AndrewGraham
Turkish Cargo 77F Istanbul [3D] LTFM CARGO 71 @Birds_are_cool


  • Gates are flexible and you may change your gate
  • We are not responsible for any violation you may receive
  • Runway 23L DEP and 23R DEP+ARR
  • Please respect ATC
  • Please load in 10-15minutes before event start (for screenshots)
  • Have fun

Message from the hosts

Thank you everyone for the support on the last flyout. This was the reason we wanted to do a part 2. We really hope to see you all at the flyout and fill the wonderful airport of Manchester!


Ooh,I’m definitely taking this one! One of my favourite routes,glad to see it here!

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Wow that was quick!

Thanks for joining, glad to see your favourite route was featured!

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Is cargo optional ?

If so, can I take Cargo 70, MD11 Lufthansa cargo -Munich?

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Yes cargo is free choice :) @AndrewGraham

Edit: you have been added

I’ll take MAN - GXB EasyJet A320
Thank you


You have been added :)

Hi can I do Manchester to klax, virgin Atlantic A333

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Thank you very much

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You have been added my friend

Thanks for coming!

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Could I have this one please?

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You have been added!

Thanks for joining!

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I’ll take this route!

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You have been signed up!

Much appreciated :)

OMG That’s the first time that I found my HUB in an event!

I always fly from events to my HUB that’s why :)

By the way I’ll take this one ;)

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So great to here we have a route for you!

Thank you so much for coming and we appreciate your sign up :)

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Can I take gate 2-241 with the flight to LCLK in the TUI 752?

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Thank you so much for signing up!

Hope you enjoy the event! :)

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Thank you everyone for the initial support on this event! It’s really appreciated ;)