23OCT2023 1200Z to 0300Z - Texas Virtual Airways Presents: 1 Year Anniversary Flyout @ KDFW


Howdy and welcome back to another TXVA Event! This time we are celebrating our 1st year anniversary of being approved by the IFVARB. TXVA was approved by the IFVARB on October 23rd. 2022. To celebrate we are doing a flyout at KDFW. Join us and have some fun!

TXVA Thread

TXVA Pilot Application

TXVA Website

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This event is hosted by Texas Virtual Airways or TXVA for short. This event is for everyone to join. Event will be held on Expert Server. No gate assignmets for this event, just spawn in at an available gate on the day of the fly out.

If your an IFATC Controller and would like to be a controller for this event, please let us know and we will add you to the list below.

Frequency Controller
KDFW Ground
KDFW Tower
KDFW Departure
Fort Worth Center

Below are some suggested routes, all routes listed below are in the TXVA Route Network. These routes below are just suggestions, feel free to fly where ever you wish for this event.

Short Haul Flights
Destination Flight Time Recommended Aircraft
KAUS ~ 30 minutes Boeing B737-800 / Boeing 757-200
KHOU ~ 30 minutes Airbus A220-300
KSAT ~ 45 minutes Airbus A220-300

Medium Haul Flights
Destination Flight Time Recommended Aircraft
KJFK ~ 3 Hours Boeing B737-800 / Boeing 757-200
KLAX ~ 3 Hours Boeing B737-800 / Boeing 757-200
KATL ~ 2 Hours Boeing B737-800 / Boeing 757-200

Long Haul Flights
Destination Flight Time Recommended Aircraft
EGLL ~ 9 Hours Boeing B787-9 / Boeing B777-200LR
BIKF ~ 7 Hours Boeing 757-200
VIDP ~ 17 Hours Boeing B787-9 / Boeing B777-200LR

KDFW/DFW/Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport opened on September 23rd, 1973. It is the Largest airport serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It is an American Airlines hub. It has 7 active runways and 5 passenger terminals. It served over 73 million passengers in 2022.

More KDFW Information

More Information About KDFW


Please follow all ATC instructions, failure to do so may result in a violation issued by an IFATC controller

We are not responsible for violations issued by IFATC controllers

If no ATC is present during this event, please use the Unicom frequency appropriately

There are no gate assignments for this event. And no we won’t reserve a gate for you. KDFW has plenty of gates for people to spawn at.

Happy Flights and Smooth Landing from the TXVA team.


!!! This is like literally your event. Ur welcome;)

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Ima also take a gate too. See ya there

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Thanks lol but I have school


I’ve got this day off school, so I think I’m gonna fly to MSP’

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If I can get myself to wake up at 5:30am… I’ll be doing Dallas - Delhi 😁

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We will see everyone at the event!

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Giving this a little event bump.

16 days until the event! The TXVA Team is super excited for this event!

Giving this a little event bump! We have less then a week until the event! We hope to see you there!

Giving this a little bump! Event is in 2 days. We hope to see you there!

The event starts tomorrow!


The event has started! The event last all day. We hope to see you at the airport! Feel free to post some screenshots here in the thread

I did a short flight from KDFW to KAUS

Me holding short runway 18L @ KDFW

Me on short final for runway 18L @ KAUS

Me parked at gate 2A after landing @ KAUS

I’m super proud to be the CEO of TXVA. Thanks to everyone who attended


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