23OCT20 / 2200Z - WestJet Virtual Group presents: Across the Rockies @ CYVR-CYYC

Image by WSVG Member @MJP_27

Introducing A WestJet Virtual Group Community Event

Welcome to a WestJet Virtual Group Event! Come and join us on this short 1 hour hop from the busy Vancouver out to our base in Calgary! Come and have a look at what WestJet Virtual Group has to offer, from the aircraft, liveries, scenery, and pride we take in every flight we operate! Take a peek at how we operate, our community, our strive for realism, and our desire to love and show Canada at its finest!

Date/Time: 2020-10-23T22:00:00Z

Departure: CYVR (Vancouver)

Arrival: CYYC (Calgary)

Server: Expert Server

ATC: Vancouver most likely will have full coverage. Calgary may not be controlled, procedures will be used to maintain spacing between aircraft.

Route: CYVR - CYYC

Aircraft: WestJet Boeing 737-800

Flight Time: 1 hour

Flight Information: To be released closer to event. It’s nice and detailed!

Remaining professional at all times is required, as WestJet Virtual Group will not be responsible for any violations/reports you may receive during the event. :)

Let us know below if you wish to attend, so we can assign you a gate here

Gate Attendee WSVG Member?
13 @Ecoops123
14 @MJP_27
15 @CanadianNorth
16 @Mafiaviation
19 @Canadian_Aviator
20 @Svisible

More gates can be added.

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Event created by @Ecoops123. Feedback via PM is welcome.


@MAFiA requesting Gate 16! 😊

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Gate is all yours! See you soon!

Event will be in DM

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I might be able to join but I am not sure.

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ill take GA17

@Captainflight There’s no harm in putting you down on the list! I’ll reserve a spot for you.

@DeltaFox You have been assigned 🙂.


I would love to take a gate!

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Hope you can make it! I thought I saw you on the flight to HNL 👀

I’ll sign you up on the VA account. 🙂


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I got some bad news I won’t be able to attend the event today.

Alrighty no worries, I’ll remove you!

PM will be sent out an hour before event begins

@Svisible Requesting Gate 20 please

You will be assigned. Thanks for signing up!

hey i can’t make it to the event due to an lvl 3 violation i’m trying to get repealed at the moment

Alrighty. I’ve removed you.

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