23OCT20 / 1700Z - Flash Flight: Pacific Connection @ CYVR

Gotcha I’m gonna dial back to .78. Thanks for that!!


those 2000ft are enouth

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and for future reference: I’ve never seen simbrief assign more than M.80 for the 737 fam. has to do with the winds

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I’m glad I packed a few extra kilos.

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This is good to know. Gave me some more leeway on fuel and we are looking good.

If you need:


finally it is time to start engine #2 <3

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The rest of us an hour into the flight like 👁 👄 👁


How do I save this post?

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Im having fun so far :)) Thanks for hosting this flight!

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we can expect radar vectors for sure right?

Into Honolulu?

no out of CYVR

I wasn’t given vectors but you should be fine if you stay somewhat far from others.

Below every topic you will see that icon:


The 737-800 cruise speed is 0.78. Whiever is doing 0.82 is wayyyy to fast 😂

Thanks. I turned my graphics down so I i don’t lag out while I’m 5 hours into the flight lol.

Im going 0.85 because time zone…

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Just done the same. I don’t want my phone to be a pan