23OCT20 / 1600Z || The shortest groupflight in the world || @EGEW to EGEP

As many of you know the shortest route in the world is Westray to Papa Westray.
Westray and Papa Westray are two tiny airports in the far North of the island of Great Britain. So let’s replicate this flight with the IFC, it won’t take long 😉

  • Aircraft: any GA aircraft

  • Route: Westray (EGEW) to Papa Westray (EGEP)

  • Time of Departure: 1600Z

  • Server: Casual (in case you crash)

  • Additional Information:
    Have fun :), but please respect others and unicom

I may be able to come

Just a question: what aircraft is used in this flight IRL

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Awesome, hope to see you there :)

Ummm, I believe a Britten Norman B2 islander

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Oh I see I’ll probably hop on the 208 then :)

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@tunamkol when you’re able you can spawn in at EGEW :)

Oh no I am so sorry 😔 I just came back home

I absouletly forgot I had to go somewhere at that time, and I thought I could quickly fly on my phone instead if my iPad, but my phone was almost out of battery 😔😭 Hope you understand

No worries mate :)

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Dude, the time has passed.

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Whoops. Sorry about that

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