23NOV22 | 0000Z | Massive North Carolina Flyout Pt 1 @KCLT DEPARTED

@RealLukejw yes! I’ll sign you up right away

Check out my other events! The info is on my profile


May I switch to Tel Aviv

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@Avaitor1 would you like a different aircraft

Nope same aircraft and gate the 772 has I believe 22 hours worth of fuel

Roger that!

It’s Event day! Let’s get a few more sign ups today

@United403 can you please change my flight to an A321 to LAX I would have liked to go to Rome but I don’t want to wake up at 2AM to land it

@Ethan_Brown of course! I’ll give you a domestic gate at A Concourse


I will be posting the taxi route shortly!

Hello there!

Mind if I can land gate A8 to PDX in AA’s A321?

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@AIDAN101 of course! Coming right up


Can i switch to a A320? CLT-ATL, staying on Delta

@flyin_hawaiian of course!


@Lil_Seedy_Boi @Keegan_Butler @Avgeek1 @Apple_Haye @RealLukejw @Ryan_Carney @VVESM4N @AirCanada11 @Rohan2 @N889FQ @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek @FlyingWizard20 @Jetblue1273

Please start spawning in for this event

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