23NOV20 / 1900Z | SWA1997’s Gotcha Day Celebration @EPWA

It’s Gotcha Day!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to a celebration flight of SWA1997s parents route to pick him up from The Capital City of Romania, Bucharest. They Flew from Chicago O’Hare to Warsaw. Then south to Bucharest, Romania! What an Exciting time for them it was!😁😁🇹🇩 Welcome Home SWA1997!

This event was co-hosted by @SWA1997, thank you so much.

Flight Info:

Departure Airport - EPWA (Warsaw Chopin).

Arrival Airport - LROP (Bucharest).

Aircraft - TAROM, WizzAir (planes undecided).

Time - 2020-11-23T19:00:00Z

Server - Training.

Flight details such as flightplan, speed, and altitude will be released via PM.


Gate Aircraft Pilot
1 TAROM A318 @SWA1997
2 TAROM A318 @AGSilver_04
3 TAROM A318 @plane_guy12
4 TAROM A318 @Gtmkm98
5 TAROM A318 @Butter_Boi (standby)
6 TAROM A318 @bbrockairbus
7 TAROM A318 @Deltadev13
8 TAROM A318
9 TAROM A318
10 TAROM A318

Gate Aircraft Pilot
12 WizzAir A320
13 WizzAir A320
14 WizzAir A320
15 WizzAir A320
16 WizzAir A320
17 WizzAir A321 @thomas_purdy1
18 WizzAir A321 @Delta
19 WizzAir A321
21 WizzAir A321
21 WizzAir A321

Make sure you follow all the rules of the training server, maintain some spacing, and be professional. Even though it’s not on expert, be courteous and as realistic as you can.

And most importantly, have fun!


Special thanks to @SWA1997 for co-hosting, you’re amazing. And happy Gotcha Day!

Thank you to our wonderful ATC, @PilotA320, @Marcel001 and @MJP_27.

And thank you to everyone for attending this event, it really means a lot.

I may not be able to actually fly in this event. But it will still go on even if I cannot fly. Thanks for your cooperation.


I’ll have ATC!

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Yay @MJP_27

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Obviously I will take Gate 1 TAROM

Pls y’all come and join me today!

I’ll be there! Please put me in a PM; I tend to forget about events.

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@Butter_Boi will send out the pm 4 hours before the event tomorrow

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@AGSilver_04 what gate would u like and airline

I like all Airbus short haul planes! Put me anywhere.

U are TAROM 725 gate 2 thx for flying with me

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@MJP_27 what frequency would u like

@PilotA320 for Ground and tower and @MJP_27 for Departure

Tower and ground please for the arrival is fine

I’ll say it again since the system flagged it 🙄, I’ll take gate 3 for Tarom 😂

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Can I do ATC in Warsaw? Ground and Tower

I guess I can go…I’ll do my morning flight for NAPC, and I should have enough time in between to join you guys.

I’ll take any gate for TAROM. Or I can do Approach into Warsaw if needed.

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@Marcel001 u can do tower

@Gtmkm98 welcome Aboard u will be at Gate 4 and ur flight number is 1083

@plane_guy12 welcome Aboard ur gate is 3 and flight number is 7053

Everyone will be signed up momentarily, sorry for the delay.

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