23NOV20 / 0200Z - Cargo Explorer Route @ KSEA to PANC

LETS GO UP NOTH!! We will be traveling up the east coast to Anchorage!

  • Aircraft and Livery:FedEx, China Southern, DHL 777F

  • Route: From KSEA -PANC

  • Time of Departure: 0200Z or today at 7pm EST

  • Server: Training Server (Sorry I was Downgraded to Grade 2 6 months ago.)

  • Additional Information: We will be loading at the cargo bay at KSEA! You may use ur own custom Call sign! tell me if I got the time right?

I’m in will be DHL

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Welcome aboard @Delta

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Can I come?

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Welcome aboard @plane_guy12

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In a China southern?


Go for it @plane_guy12

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I will be FedEx 1803 Heavy

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COME and Enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains! 🏔🗻

Sweet welcome aboard! And what Cargo airliner would u like

How long is the flight

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Nevermind thats way too short, ill join you for takeoff but ill head to Tokyo after

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Ok perfect

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Its now right?

At 7pm my time bud

Um, you’ve got the time wrong then

Its 2300 Zulu now. As Zulu is GMT. And GMT is my time

Thats 0200Z

Ok perfect see u there

Ima pull out then im afraid. Wrong zulu time means it’ll be too late for me.