23NOV20 / 0100Z - Group Flight @ KMCI to KDFW [Arrived into KDFW]

Welcome to the Kansas City group flight I will have gates and flight numbers if wanted thank you.

American Airlines E170 (Generic Livery)



Training Server

1.Copy flight plan from me @PilotA320 cruising attitude is FL280.

2.Speed 250kts till FL240 then FL240 speed 300 kts mach will be determined at cruise.

3.Descent Plan will be in group flight PM.

Terminal C


I will appreciate any ATC thank you and enjoy departing runway is determined by wind.

I would at least like to have five people please.

Please anyone?

I’d love to join but I cant.
Also as said in the rules of the #live:groupflights
" No assigning of gates or pilot slots"
You can do what I do

Who is Coming?


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Thanks for telling me.

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You are welcome

I will be there
What time do you want me to join

I’ll come as well!

You can join at 7:45.

You guys are all signed up.

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How long is the flight

It’s a one hour flight.

Can you do 6:30

Sorry I can’t make it it’s too late for me i will definitely do it next time

Welcome to the community by the way.

Ok seeya next time.

What runway are we taxing to

We are taxing to runway 19L.

Landing lights off above 10,000 250kts till FL240 then 300kts.

Make sure to delete KMCI waypoint.