23MAY20 / 2000Z - Delta Virtual's Victorville Fly-in @ KVCV

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Event Coordinators

This event is brought to you by the Delta Virtual Event Team in coordination with the Delta Virtual Board of Directors.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, airlines from all over the world have been storing aircraft wherever possible. One prime location of this storage is Victorville airport. Located in the beautiful state of California, VCV airport is known as an airport storage area and graveyard. Join DLVA as we deliver aircraft from our multiple hubs and into storage at VCV.

Server: Expert Server

Aircraft: Any Delta Aircraft

Arrival Time: 2020-05-23T20:00:00Z

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!

Simply post below asking for a gate to join the flight. Please include your callsign, and your requested departure airport! You will be placed in the next available gate and are all set. You will be tagged in a response confirming that you are attending.

DLVA members are asked to give their DLVA callsign with their signup post.

KATL Gates: 5:00 flight time
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate E01 @Delta319 B767 DLVA34
Gate E02 767/A321 max
Gate E03A @Will_A 777-200LR DLVA316
Gate E04A @MDoor 777-200LR DLVA4254
Gate E05 @Jmacd20 A321 DLVA1224
Gate E06 @Ross A321 DLVA1397
Gate E07 767/A321 max
Gate E08 @Bruno_Salvi1 A333 DLVA0472
Gate E09 767/A321 max
Gate E10 No restrictions
Gate E11 No restrictions
Gate E12 No restrictions
Gate E15 No restrictions
Gate E17 No restrictions
KBOS Gates: 6:00 flight time
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate E01 No restrictions
Gate E02 767/A321 Max
Gate E03 No restrictions
Gate E04 No restrictions
Gate E05 No restrictions
Gate E06 No restrictions
Gate E07 No restrictions
Gate E08 No restrictions
Gate E09 No restrictions
Gate E10 No restrictions
Gate E11 No restrictions
Gate E12 No restrictions
KCVG Gates: 4:15 flight time
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate B01 767/A321 Max
Gate B02 767/A321 Max
Gate B03 767/A321 Max
Gate B04 767/A321 Max
Gate B05 No restrictions
Gate B06 767/A321 Max
Gate B07 767/A321 Max
Gate B08 767/A321 Max
Gate B09 767/A321 Max
Gate B10 767/A321 Max
Gate B11 767/A321 Max
Gate B12 739/A321 Max
Gate B13 739/A321 Max
Gate B14 739/A321 Max
KDTW Gates: 4:20 flight time
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate A02 752/A321Max
Gate A04 752/A321Max
Gate A06 752/A321Max
Gate A08 752/A321Max
Gate A10 752/A321Max
Gate A12 752/A321Max
Gate A18 752/A321Max
Gate A20 752/A321Max
Gate A24 No Restrictions
Gate A28 No Restrictions
Gate A30 No Restrictions
Gate A34 No Restrictions
Gate A36 No Restrictions
Gate A38 No Restrictions
Gate A40 No Restrictions
KMSP Gates: 3:30 flight time
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate F06 752/A321 Max
Gate F08 752/A321 Max
Gate F9 752/A321 Max
Gate F10B 752/A321 Max
Gate F11 752/A321 Max
Gate F12 752/A321 Max
Gate F13 752/A321 Max
Gate F14 752/A321 Max
Gate F15 752/A321 Max
Gate F16 752/A321 Max
Gate G03A @Sebastian9915 B763 DLVA243
Gate G04A No Restrictions
Gate G06A @ToasterStroodie B777-200LR Delta 9951
Gate G08 @Kevinsoto1502 B777-200ER DLVA292
Gate G09A No Restrictions
KRDU Gates: 5:20 flight time
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate C01 @Gavin_I B739 DLVA1506
Gate C03 752/A321 Max
Gate C07 752/A321 Max
Gate C09 752/A321 Max
Gate C11 752/A321 Max
Gate C15 752/A321 Max
Gate C17 752/A321 Max
Gate C18 752/A321 Max
Gate C20RJ 739/A320 Max
Gate C21 752/A321 Max
Gate C22 752/A321 Max
Gate C23 No Restrictions
Gate C24 752/A321 Max
Gate C24A 752/A321 Max
Gate C25 752/A321 Max
KSEA Gates: 2:00 flight time
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate B01 @Tsumia B752 Delta 350
Gate B3 @Smax A321 DLVA857
Gate B4 @NathanD A321 DLVA925
Gate B5 752/A321 Max
Gate B5A CRJ9 Max
Gate B6 752/A321 Max
Gate B7A 752/A321 Max
Gate B7B 752/A321 Max
Gate B8 752/A321 Max
Gate B9A 752/A321 Max
Gate B10 752/A321 Max
Gate B11 752/A321 Max
Gate B12 752/A321 Max
Gate B14 752/A321 Max
Gate B15 752/A321 Max
KSLC Gates: 1:30 flight time
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate B07 @Chris_Hoover B739 DLVA1030
Gate B09 @Luke_Sta B752 DLVA212
Gate B10 739/A320 Max
Gate B11 @Babacar B752 DLVA101
Gate B12 739/A320 Max
Gate B13 752/A321 Max
Gate B14 739/A320 Max
Gate B15 752/A321 Max
Gate B16 739/A320 Max
Gate B17 752/A321 Max
Gate B18 739/A320 Max
Gate B19 752/A321 Max
Gate B20 752/A321 Max
Gate B21 752/A321 Max
Gate B22 752/A321 Max

More gates can be added if necessary!

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I’ll take a gate out ATL in the 777! DLVA316… can’t wait!


G08 out of MSP 777 / DLVA292 please

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This at KSLC please, in the 757! DLVA212 :)


DLVA34 ATL E1 767-300.

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E4A at ATL in the 772 please! DLVA4254 😀


Awesome to see this come together so nicely!

DLVA1506 / RDU Gate C01/ Boeing 739

See you guys there! :)

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I’ll take any gate in Seattle with the 757, thanks!

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What would you like your callsign be?


Delta 350 it’ll be 😊

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Stick me right next to my bud @Luke_Sta in the B07 gate por favor!

DLVA1030 from KSLC


Any Gate from MSP, B763, DLVA243.
See yall there

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Can I take a 77L leaving KMSP, G06A? Thanks!

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What would you like your callsign to be?

I’ll take Delta 9951 for my callsign, thanks!

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Can I get E06 please

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hello! SLC B752 please 🙂-DLVA101

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What will your callsign and aircraft be?

Callsign: DLVA1397 aircraft: A321

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If we can get the 777-200ER rework by that time, I’d be glad to come and fly! If it doesn’t, I’ll still come, but on an E-170. Thanks for the event!