23MAY20 / 1900Z - Cargo Hauling! - SFS 6.4 @ KONT

Snoman’s Flyout Series: Ontario International Airport Flyout Co-hosted by @Thunderbolt!

Howdy everyone! We are now well into my flyout series, Snoman’s Flyout Series! You can read about it here:

This May, the featured region is SoCal! The other events still to happen are Orange County (SNA/KSNA) which is below, and Los Angeles (LAX/KLAX) which will be posted later.

Event Co-host: @Thunderbolt

I’m super excited to be working with @Thunderbolt for not just this event, but the whole SoCal region. He is the perfect person to work with because he lives in the area!

Ontario is the primary airport serving East LA, and is mainly served by Southwest. It actually has a flight to Taipei though! It is also a major cargo operation for UPS.

Event Info:

Server: Expert

Airport: KONT

Time: 2020-05-23T19:00:00Z

NOTAM: Spawn 10-15 minutes before event. Respect IFATC or UNICOM, whichever is present.

Special Liveries
The following aircraft have special liveries available for the taking. Just let me know if you want one.

Alaska 737-900
  • More to Love
American 737-800
  • Old
  • Astrojet
  • TWA
Southwest 737-700
  • Desert Gold
  • Shamu
  • Illinois One

The Gates:

Terminal 2 (Alaska, China Airlines, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, United, Volaris)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
201 Delta 737-800 KATL-Atlanta
202 Delta 737-900 KSLC-Salt Lake City
203 United A320 KDEN-Denver
204 United CRJ-700 KSFO-San Francisco
205 United 737-900 KIAH-Houston
206 Volaris A319 MMGL-Guadalajara
207 Frontier A320 KEWR-Newark
208 Frontier A320 KMCO-Orlando
209 Alaska 737-800 KPDX-Portland
210 jetBlue A320 KJFK-New York
211 Alaska 737-900 KSEA-Seattle
212 China Airlines 777-300ER RCTP-Taipei @Alexian61

Terminal 4 (American and Southwest)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
401 Southwest 737-700 KSJC-San Jose @BigBert10
402 Southwest 737-700 KPHX-Phoenix
403 Southwest 737-700 KSMF-Sacramento
404 Southwest 737-800 KMDW-Chicago Midway
405 Southwest 737-700 KLAS-Las Vegas
406 Southwest 737-800 KDEN-Denver
407 Southwest 737-700 KOAK-Oakland
408 Southwest 737-700 KPDX-Portland
409 Southwest 737-700 KSFO-San Francisco @Dendenawesome_14
410 Southwest 737-800 KDAL-Dallas Love
411 Southwest 737-700 KSJC-San Jose
412 Southwest 737-700 KHOU-Houston Hobby
413 American 737-800 KDFW-Dalas Fort-Worth
414 American A321 KPHX-Phoenix

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
FedEx 701 FedEx MD-11F KIND-Indianapolis
FedEx 702 FedEx MD-11F KMEM-Memphis
FedEx 703 FedEx 777F PHNL-Honolulu
FedEx 704 FedEx MD-11F KRNO-Reno/Tahoe
UPS 1A UPS 757F KPHL-Philadelphia
UPS 1B UPS MD-11F PANC-Anchorage
UPS 1C UPS A332F RJAA-Tokyo Narita
UPS 1D UPS 757F KRDU-Raleigh/Durham
UPS 1E UPS MD-11F KSDF-Louisville
UPS 2B UPS 757F KBFI-Boeing Field
UPS 2C UPS A332F VHHH-Hong Kong
UPS 2D UPS 757F KCAE-Columbia
UPS 2E UPS 757F KGEG-Spokane
UPS 3A UPS MD-11F KLIT-Little Rock
UPS 3B UPS 757F KBOI-Boise
UPS 3C UPS MD-11F KMCO-Orlando
UPS 3D UPS 757F KOMA-Omaha
UPS 3E UPS 757F PHOG-Kahului
UPS 4A UPS 757F KMCI-Kansas City
UPS 4B UPS 757F KMHR-Sacramento Mather
UPS 4C UPS 757F KDSM-Des Moines
UPS 4D UPS 757F KBDL-Hartford
UPS 4E UPS MD-11F KMSP-Minneapolis
UPS 4F UPS 757F KTUL-Tulsa

GA and Feeder Cargo
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Ramp GA 1-4 FedEx Feeder C208 KSAN-San Diego
Ramp GA 1-5 FedEx Feeder C208 KSBP-San Luis Obispo
Ramp GA 1-6 FedEx Feeder C208 KBFL-Bakersfield
Ramp GA 1-7 FedEx Feeder C208 KSMX-Santa Marita
Ramp GA 1-8 N/A Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice
Ramp GA 1-9 N/A Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice

How many passengers passed through Ontario Airport in 2019?

  • 2.7 Million
  • 5.5 Million
  • 6.3 Million
  • Trick Question - Ontario Airport was temporarily closed in 2019!

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Awesome event Snow! I’ll take this one!

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I wish I could go! That’s the weekend of my birthday and I’m going to my favorite restaurant since they will be reopening but, I’ll be there in spirit!

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Hey Sno!

I won’t be able to attend your event because, last minute plans, I am heading to the Outer-banks for vacation! I’m going to try to fly as less as possible since flying is the only thing I have been doing for the past 4 weeks

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May I have this gate to catch up to Populeux Music’s flyout please?

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Can I have this gate?

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Sorry for the delay everyone!

@cptlogue no problem! Have fun and stay safe!

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