23MAY20 / 1600Z - A Portland Flyout @ KPDX

Summary: Let’s fill up one of the great airports

Server: Expert

Airport: KPDX

Number Attending: 31

Time: 2020-05-23T16:00:00Z

Photos: image
Let’s fill up Portland. If you are lucky you may get an international flight on Delta, British Airways, Condor, or Icelandair.

Concourse A
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
A2 B739 Alaska Kahului @Pilotcamcam
A3 B738 Alaska Anchorage @Alaska096
A4 A320 Alaska Boise ASVA
A6 B739 Alaska New York-JFK ASVA
A7 B739 Alaska New York-JFK @REXI345_YT
A8 B739 Alaska San Diego @cptlogue
A9 B739 Alaska Orlando @Kzn_Star
A10 A320 Alaska Seattle-Tacoma ASVA
A11 B739 Alaska Lihue @Populeux_Music
A12 B738 Alaska Salt Lake City @ouzi

Concourse B
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
B1 B738 Sun County Nashville
B2 B738 Sun County Madison
B3 B738 Alaska San Jose Del Cabo

Concourse C
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
C1 DH8D Alaska Missoula
C3 A320 Alaska Kansas City @Jafet_Zuniga
C5 B739 Alaska Reno/Tahoe @Embraer001
C7 B738 Alaska Washington-National
C9 DH8D Alaska Everett @Sashaz55
C11 A320 Alaska Los Angeles @Frequentfliyer
C13 B738 American Chicago-O’Hare @ORD777flyer
C15 B738 American Charlotte
C17 A320 American Phoenix-Sky Harbor @PocketRishi
C19 B738 American Dallas/Fort Worth @Infinite_Pro
C21 B738 Southwest St. Louis
C23 B738 Sun County Honolulu @Udeme_Ekpo
C22 B738 Southwest San Jose @BigBert10
C20 B738 Sun County San Jose Del Cabo
C18 B738 Sun County Las Vegas
C16 B738 Sun County Minneapolis/St. Paul
C14 A320 JetBlue Long Beach
C10 A320 Alaska Anchorage @AviationFreak
C8 A321 JetBlue New York-JFK @Kyline_Gudy
C6 B738 Alaska Sacramento
C4 B738 Alaska San Luis
C2 B739 Alaska Oakland

Concourse E (1 remains)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
E1 CRJ9 Air Canada Calgary
E2 A319 Air Canada Rouge Toronto-Pearson @Sam73628
E3 CRJ9 Air Canada Vancouver @Ecoops123
E6 A320 United Denver @The_Real_Plane_Spott
E9 B738 United Chicago-O’Hare @Anthony_Williams
E12 B738 United Newark @Jack_Q

Concourse D
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
D1 CRJ9 Delta Seattle-Tacoma
D3 CRJ2 Delta Las Vegas
D5 A321 Delta New York-JFK @baselagab
D7 A319 Delta Salt Lake City
D9 A319 Delta Detriot
D11 B788 Delta Amsterdam @robin0012
D13 B738 Delta Atlanta @RoBroStar
D15 B789 (sub B788) British Airways London-Heathrow @Tomjuul1996
D14 A333 Delta Tokyo-Haneda
D12 B763 Condor Frankfurt
D10 A330 Hawaiian Honolulu @United2
D8 B757 Icelandair Reykjavik-Keflavik
D6 A319 Volaris Guadalajura
D4 A320 Frontier Denver @asflightreport
D2 A320 Spirit Las Vegas

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
UPS01 A330 UPS Louisville
UPS02 B757 UPS Anchorage
UPS03 B757 UPS Oakland
UPS04 MD11 UPS St. Louis @RomeoStuff24
UPS05 MD11 UPS Little Rock
UPS06 B757 UPS Ontario
DHL01 B757 DHL Seattle-Tacoma
DHL03 B757 DHL Los Angeles
FedEx01 B77F FedEx Memphis
FedEx03 B77F FedEx Indianapolis

Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO CCX or 737BBJ Pilot Choice
Hanger CCX Midland-Odessa @Big_Elijah

Join Alaska today!

All grade 3 and above can attend. Contact me with questions.

NOTE - Had to use extra E and A gates for Excess


Be sure to check out my Guam event

Runway info will be posted day of the event. 21/3 will most likely be used as a taxiway or only used for DH8D takeoffs

I will take E12 to EWR!

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Ooh I like the look of this lesser used airport! (I love these type of things)

I’ll take the CRJ to Vancouver, a great aircraft.

I probably sound stupid saying that lol, I just have superstitions for upcoming stuff. 😂

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I’ll have this one

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Ah yes the city I was born in!! Could I please get an American A320 to Phoenix, Arizona?

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Can I take D11 to Amsterdam instead of D5 to jfk

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Can I have gate E2 to Toronto please

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Can I take this route?

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I will take this gate

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A12 to SLC , I want to recreate/reprove where my app crashes during descend-landing on previous flight. Hope it’s should be fine :)

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@Jack_Q @Ecoops123 @Populeux_Music @PocketRishi @baselagab @Sam73628 @Kyline_Gudy @Udeme_Ekpo @ouzi

I will sign all of you guys up


A330 to Haneda has been fixed. Thanks to those who made me aware.

I’ll take a Southwest gate to San Jose

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Ok I’ll switch it

Can i take this route please

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You can. See you there

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Where’s dat realism??


But FYI, E gates only go up to 4 and terminal A is closed permanently.

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Sorry. Had to use them for excess there is a NOTE about it above. They are reopening the A gates soon after they remodel them. Then they will rename them B gates. Also, E is getting extended so it all works out

I am assuming u cannot come