23MAY20 / 1500Z - Warsaw Chopin Airport Fly-Out @EPWA

Warsaw Chopin Airport Flyout!

Hello IFC! I am very happy to announce that this is my very first event and it's going to be taking place in the capital city of home country!

Warsaw Chopin_a masterclass_Airport

About Warsaw Chopin Airport:

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, (IATA: WAW, ICAO: EPWA ) is an international airport located in the Włochy district of Warsaw, Poland. As Poland’s largest and busiest airport, Warsaw Chopin handles just under 40% of the country’s air passenger traffic. It also handles approximately 300 scheduled flights and an ever rising number of charters.
Warsaw Chopin Airport served 18.8 million passengers in 2019, making it the busiest airport in the newer EU member states.
The airport is named after a Polish composer and former Warsaw resident Frédéric Chopin in 2001 as it was formerly known as Warsaw Okęcie Airport.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw_Chopin_Airport


About Warsaw:

Warsaw (Polish: Warszawa) is the capital and largest city of Poland. It stands on the Vistula River in east-central Poland and its population is estimated at 1.8 million residents within a greater metropolitan area of 3.1 million residents which makes Warsaw the 7th most populous city in the EU. Warsaw is an alpha global city, a major tourist destination and a significant cultural, political and economic hub.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw

There are a few destinations missing as there weren’t enough gates to accommodate every single one. So, I tried my best to put the most popular flights on the list!
If you want a flight that’s not on the list and if it’s a real life route just let me know!

NOTAM: Spawn into your assigned gate 20 minutes before the event commences. If IFATC is present at the airport, please follow its instructions. When using unicom, please use it correctly, maintain professionalism and respect other pilots. Let’s keep this event at a high standard and of course have fun!

Server: Expert

Airport: Warsaw Frederic Chopin, Poland (EPWA)

Time: 2020-05-23T15:00:00Z

Commerical Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate 01 LOT Embraer E170 Minsk - UMMS
Gate 02 LOT Boeing 737-800 Tirana - LATI @F1PlayBG
Gate 03 LOT Boeing 737-800 Yerevan - UDYZ @RichCar_Theif
Gate 04 Austrian Airlines Airbus A321 Vienna - LOWW
Gate 05 Brussels Airlines Airbus A319 Brussels - EBBR
Gate 06 Swiss Airbus A319 Zurich - LSZH
Gate 07A LOT Boeing 787-8 Toronto - CYYZ
Gate 08 LOT Embraer E170 London City - EGLC
Gate 09 LOT Boeing 787-8 Beijing Capital - ZBAA
Gate 10L Aeroflot Airbus A320 Moscow (SVO) - UUEE @Maximilian1805
Gate 10 LOT Boeing 787-8 Beijing Daxing - ZBAD
Gate 11 LOT Boeing 787-8 Los Angeles - KLAX @Captain_Awerty
Gate 13 LOT Boeing 787-8 San Francisco - KSFO @CaptainAzriq
Gate 14 LOT Boeing 787-8 Miami - KMIA @CaptainZac
Gate 15 LOT Boeing 787-8 New York JFK - KJFK @Yan07
Gate 16 Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Toronto - CYYZ
Gate 17 LOT Boeing 787-8 Chicago - KORD
Gate 18 LOT Boeing 787-8 Newark - KEWR
Gate 19 Emirates Boeing 777-300ER Dubai - OMDB
Gate 20 LOT Boeing 737-800 London Heathrow - EGLL @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Gate 21 Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 Istanbul - LTFM
Gate 22 Lufthansa Airbus A320 Frankfurt - EDDF @Sam73628
Gate 23 British Airways Airbus A321 London Heathrow - EGLL
Gate 24 Lufthansa Airbus A319 Munich - EDDM @mrfresh
Remote Stand 31 LOT Embraer E170 Hamburg - EDDH
Remote Stand 32 LOT Embraer E170 Hannover - EDDV
Remote Stand 33 LOT Embraer E170 Düsseldorf - EDDL
Remote Stand 34 LOT Embraer E170 Stuttgart - EDDS
Remote Stand 35 LOT Embraer E170 Košice - LZKZ @Charlieab29
Remote Stand 36 LOT Embraer E170 Kaunas - EYKA
Remote Stand 37L Air Baltic Bombardier Q400 Riga - EVRA @Tsumia
Remote Stand 38 LOT Embraer E170 Tallinn - EETN
Remote Stand 39 LOT Embraer E170 Luxembourg - ELLX
Remote Stand 40 LOT Embraer E170 Vilnius - EYVI
Remote Stand 41 LOT Embraer E170 Kraków - EPKK @D-AIXI
Remote Stand 42 LOT Embraer E170 Chișinău - LUKK
Remote Stand 43 LOT Embraer E170 Lviv - UKLL
Remote Stand 43B LOT Embraer E170 St. Petersburg - ULLI @PrzemekGancarz
Remote Stand 44A LOT Boeing 787-8 Singapore - WSSS
Remote Stand 45 Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900 Doha - OTHH @KindaTartySliceOfPie
Remote Stand 46 LOT Boeing 787-8 Seoul - RKSI
Remote Stand 47 Finnair Airbus A321 Helsinki - EFHK
Remote Stand 48 KLM Cityhopper Embraer E190 Amsterdam - EHAM
Remote Stand 53 Air France Airbus A320 Paris CDG - LFPG
Remote Stand 54A TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320 Lisbon - LPPT
Remote Stand 54 LOT Boeing 787-8 Tokyo Narita - RJAA
Remote Stand 53A LOT Boeing 787-8 Delhi - VIDP
Remote Stand 105 LOT Boeing 737-800 Nur-Sultan - UACC
Remote Stand 104 El Al Boeing 737-800 Tel Aviv - LLBG
Remote Stand 103 Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 Athens - LGAV
Remote Stand 102 UIA Boeing 737-900 Kiev Boryspil - UKBB
Remote Stand 101 Norwegian Boeing 737-800 Oslo Gardermoen - ENGM
Remote Stand 64 LOT Boeing 737-800 Beirut - OLBA @JoeHaddad
Remote Stand 65 LOT Boeing 737-800 Barcelona - LEBL
Remote Stand 66 LOT Boeing 737-800 Madrid - LEMD
Remote Stand 74 Alitalia Airbus A321 Rome Fiumicino - LIRF @AliAlex
Remote Stand 73 SAS Boeing 737-700 Copenhagen - EKCH
Remote Stand 72 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Edinburgh - EGPH
Remote Stand 71 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Liverpool - EGGP
Remote Stand 91 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Budapest - LHBP
Remote Stand 92 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Marrakesh - GMMX
Remote Stand 93 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Tenerife South - GCTS
Remote Stand 94 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Brussels Charleroi - EBCI
Remote Stand 98 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Eindhoven - EHEH
Remote Stand 95 Wizz Air Airbus A321 London Luton - EGGW @MartyVonAussig
Remote Stand 96 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Birmingham - EGBB
Remote Stand 97 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Doncaster Sheffield - EGCN @Bradgibbs01
Remote Stand 812 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Bergen - ENBR
Remote Stand 813 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Stockholm Skavsta - ESKN
Remote Stand 814 Wizz Air Airbus A320 Kiev Zhuliany - UKKK
Remote Stand 815 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Kutaisi - UGKO
Remote Stand 816 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Bucharest - LROP
Remote Stand 817 Wizz Air Airbus A321 Malta - LMML
Remote Stand 818 EasyJet Airbus A320 Basel - LFSB
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Cargo Apron 61 DHL Boeing 757-200 Leipzig - EDDP
Cargo Apron 62 UPS Boeing 757-200 Cologne - EDDK
Cargo Apron 63 UPS Boeing 757-200 Almaty - UAAA
Remote Stand 75 UPS MD-11F Chengdu - ZUUU @Zexi_LI
Remote Stand 76 UPS MD-11F Shanghai - ZSPD
Remote Stand 712 UPS MD-11F Hong Kong - VHHH
GA Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA Apron 80 No larger than Cessna Citation X
GA Apron 82 No larger than Cessna Citation X
GA Apron 84 No larger than Cessna Citation X
GA Apron 86 No larger than Cessna Citation X
GA Apron 81 Airbus A318 Mandelieu - LFMD @Delta23
GA Apron 83
GA Apron 85
GA Apron 87
GA Apron 88

Aeronautical Charts and Airport Diagrams

I plan on making more fly-outs in the future, so I would greatly appreciate feedback!

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🤩 @Captain_Awerty @PrzemekGancarz hop on in! 🇵🇱

I’ll take any LOT 737 gate, actually, I’ll take Gate 20 to London Heathrow, Dzięki.

This is a great thread considering this as your first Event.


@NeperQiell You might like the flight I’ll sign up for ;)

Can I please take Gate 02 to Tirana LATI with the Boeing 737-800?

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Thanks for the kind words, you’re signed up! @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Nice choice, it surprised me a bit how LOT use a 737 instead of their E-Jets to Tirana, anyway you’re signed up! @F1PlayBG

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Thank you! Glad to see more events at non-traditional airports like this one.

@F1PlayBG Perfect choice 😉

The flights havent started yet and with the current situation its very unlikely :( Anyway i ll confirm later whether i will be able to attend. Great event though!


I’ll take this down to Krakow. Lovely thread. Dzięki

Same time as my flyout that I just posted last night :(
Have a nice event!

@D-AIXI You’re signed up! Thanks for your nice comment!
@AliAlex I just changed the date, it was actually a mistake hahaha


Oh no worries! But that’s cool!

In that case I can attend ;-) Could I please take Alitalia A321 to LIRF?

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I’ll take this then.

Edit: Didn’t read the airline but it’s even better.

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@AliAlex Sure thing!
@Tsumia No problem, enjoy your flight home!

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Always have, always will. Thanks!

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Cześć/Hi! Sign me up!
Gate 11, airline LOT, 787-8 Destination: Los Angeles. See you there!

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Nie ma sprawy! 😁
You’re signed up, enjoy that long haul!

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I will take this gate

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All yours!

Thank you so much plus I doing my very first KSTL Flyout so should see if you can attend and sign up for it

Already signed up to your event mate! I picked a Southwest heading to KSMF!
Btw it’s real nice to see our American friends attending an event in Europe so thanks for coming haha

Oh that right, you must have asked me for KSMF on Southwest