23MAR24 | Puerto Vallarta Fly-In!


The Puerto Vallarta Fly-In!

Welcome to the Puerto Vallarta Fly-In event, hosted by @Joshy6000! Puerto Vallarta is a city located in the western coast of Mexico with a ton of beautiful beaches to visit and many activities to do! The approach into Puerto Vallarta offers a beautiful view of the mountain range that surrounds the city. In this event, all participants are able to fly any available flight that arrives at MMPR. We recommend to use any flight listed in the “Hide Details” tab named flights to have a view of all the flights you can choose!
Feel free to message @Joshy6000 if you need any help.


Server: Expert

Airports: Any of the airports available at Flights to Puerto Vallarta (PVR)

Time: 9:30 PM - 5:00 AM ( 7:30 Hours - Zulu Time )


Please follow ATC instructions
@joshy6000 is not responsible for any violations given
Flightplan must be made by the pilot

Secondary Information


MMPR Ground:

MMPR Tower:

MMPR Departure:

MMPR Approach:

Mexico Center:

Gate Assignments
Gate Origin Aircraft Airline Flight Duration Pilot
Gate 1 Mexico City (MMMX) Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico 1 hour 50’
Gate 2 Mexico City (MMSM) Embraer 190 Aeromexico Connect 1 hour 35’
Gate 3 Guadalajara Airbus A320 Viva Aerobus 55’
Gate 4 Monterrey Airbus A320 Viva Aerobus 1 hour 40’
Gate 5 Portland Boeing 737-900 Alaska 4 hours 30’
Gate 6 Los Angeles Boeing 737-800 Alaska 3 hours
Gate 7 Las Vegas Embraer 175 Alaska 3 hours 15’
Gate 8 Minneapolis Boeing 737-800 Sun Country 4 hours 20’
Remote Stand 9 Waterloo Boeing 737-800 Flair 5 hours 20’
Remote Stand 10 Los Angeles Airbus A320 Jetblue 3 hours 15’
Gate 11 Austin Airbus A319 American 2 hours 30’
Gate 12 Dallas Boeing 737-800 American 2 hours 50’
Gate 13 Detroit Airbus A321 Delta 5 hours 15’
Gate 14 Newark Boeing 737-900 United 5 hours 55’
Remote Stand 15 Santa Ana Boeing 737-700 Southwest 2 hours 55’
Remote Stand 16 Houston Boeing 737-800 Southwest 2 hours 35’
Remote Stand 17 Regina Boeing 737-800 Westjet 5 hours
Remote Stand 18 Abbotsford Boeing 737-700 Westjet 4 hours 50’
Remote Stand 19 Ottawa Boeing 737-800 Sunwing 5 hours 55’
Remote Stand 20 Quebec City Boeing 737-800 Sunwing 6 hours 30’
MMPR Information


Airport Information:

Location: Puerto Vallarta
Latitude: N2040.8 Longitude: W10515.3
Time Zone: UTC-6(-5DT)

Airport Type:

Active civil airports controlled and operated by civil authorities primarily for use by civil aircraft, although military may have landing privileges and/or contract rights. Minimum facilities are available which include: control tower (or some similar control system, such as a Flight Service Station which issues clearances and advisories when there is no tower or the tower is not in operation), lighting (may be flare pots, etc.), petrol, oils and lubricants (POL), and facilities for organizational maintenance or better.

Information from Airport & FBO Info for MMPR LIC DIAZ ORDAZ (PVR) PUERTO VALLARTA MX


Hello @Joshy6000!

If you are interested in gates, please PM me and I’ll see if I can get some down for you!

If you’re not; no worries, it is a fly-in after all!

Your event might have a hard time trying to get people because of the one I created a couple days ago

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Holy cow man do you own the place? Let him decide the date he wants. Others can decide for themselves for what event they want to attend.

No no. I wasn’t telling him to take down his event. I’ve just noticed events in the past that have had the same airport effect one another. The one before it often times gets all the attention. Not saying this is the same case but still 😅


No one “owns” it, but would you be interested in flying out/in the same airport consecutively? Most people wouldn’t. I’m not saying the event has no potential, it definitely has, but people are more attracted to events that occur in different areas.

People will join but not much, I really don’t care. I just want to make an event…

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