23JUNE2023: MUMBAI fly-in action ! from 0600Z to 2100Z!

Mumbai Fly-In !

Hello everyone ! as tommorow Mumbai is featured, I’d like to create an event as my goal is to creat this airport, the hub of the day and I’m sure it has been a long time since it wasn’t a hub.

Some Mumbai facts !


Some recommended Routes !


Event Information

Server: Expert
Airport: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport - VABB

Event Rules

  • Please fly professionally
  • Follow ATC instructions at all times
  • No reserving gates nor frequency for ATC will be available
  • Have fun !

unfortunately it is at 1 am for me :(

The event will begin at 0600Z and it’ll end at 2100Z tommorow

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It’ll last basically 16hours

hmm didn’t realize, maybe ill come

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Let’s hope the Event will get Official!

It won’t because there’s already an official event tomorrow

what is that event?

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I don’t think so, check the ATC schedule carefully, you shouldn’t find a featured event tomorrow.

It’s a Fly-In event that will last for 16 hours 🙂

As Mumbai is featured, I would love to build some traffic because of the event !

Sorry my bad I was talking about this event

But that’s on Saturday

Ah okay no worries 🙂

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