23JUN23 | Cargolux Virtual Present: Celebrating the National Day of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg | ELLX Flyout

!SHOUT OUT for @pom our Media Manager for making this event poster!

June 23 is the national day of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as a Cargo airline of Luxembourg, we believe we have the duty of celebrating the national day of the the airline’s nationality.
The history of Luxembourg begins with the building of the Luxembourg Castle in the Middle Ages. After the castle was built, the neighborhood began to grow into a town. Located in an important strategic location, Luxembourg is highly valued by France, Germany and the Netherlands, and it changes hands frequently from country to country. In the 19th century, Luxembourg became an independent country and was federated under the United Kingdom of the Netherlands until Belgium became independent.


Server: Expert Server

Airport: ELLX

Time: 10:00 Greenwich Mean Time(GMT)

Aircraft: Realistic Aircraft that can be flown in ELLX in real life

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How great the event is!


That sounds good. I’ll check it out if I have time🤔

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Sorry i can’t, that day i have my biggest test ever of the final year

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I’m not sure I’ll be able to come to this event or not, but I’m surely interested in it…


What a pity😔

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