23JUN21 / 1700z - The European Cargo Club @ELLX

Welcome to this event hosted by IFATC´s Europe-west region, this week we will explore one of wetern Europes most unique Cargo Hubs whilst offering you full coverage so you can plan your arrival and/or departure with the presence of IFATC. All information that might be useful can be found below:

Luxemburg (ELLX)
1700zz - 1800z
Wed. 23rd of June
Expert Server

Where will the Event take place?

This event will take place at Luxemburg Airport (ELLX/LUX) on the Expert Server. Along with the correlating approach frequencies, we also intend to staff the surrounding center frequencies to ensure a smooth and fully covered arrival/departure.

When will the Event take place?

Controllers intend to staff the airport from 1700z to at least 1800z 2021-06-23T17:00:00Z2021-06-23T18:00:00Z, this guarantees one hour of full atc coverage.

Which frequencies will be staffed?

Position Frequencie 1700z - 1730z 1730z - 1800z
Atis 134.75
Tower 118.10 @Robert_NG001 @Robert_NG001
Approach 118.90 (@Flying_Pencil) (@Flying_Pencil )
Reims FIR 127.00
Brussels FIR 128.00
Langen FIR 129.00
Paris FIR 127.00

Please note that these are only staffing intentions, the first come first serve basis for taking and opening ATC frequencies still applies.

How can I sign up as a controller?

If you´re an IFATC controller, you can message or tag me via our Discord workspace or here on the forum. Please include which frequency you would like to staff for which time slot. I can also add you to the Stand-by List below.

Stand-by List

Controllers on Stand-by:


Which routes can I fly into and out of Eindhoven?

Route Airline Flight Time Rcmd. Departure time Pilot-Signup
EDDP-ELLX DHL 00:40 1650z @Tate_Wang
LFPG-ELLX Air France Cargo 00:40 1650z @Collins4486 @AviationZyYT
EDDM-ELLX CargoLux 00:40 1650z @Broken
EDDF-ELLX Lufthansa Cargo, CargoLux 00:30 1700z @HUMVEE
(Which route would you like to fly?) …

You can find an overview with all routes to/from ELLX here: Direct flights from Luxembourg City (LUX) - FlightConnections

We look forward to hearing about your inbound/outbound flights to and from Luxemburg. Any traffic is welcome and we can´t wait so see you there!


Great idea Oskar! I’ll definitely be coming by for a short cargo flight!

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May I have the Dhl flight?

Sign me up for this one 👍🏻

Signed you up!

All done! See you this evening.

Do you know which flight you’re going to do yet?

Can i have this ?
Thanks :)

I’ll take this one Oskar.

I’ll take this one :) could you sign me up?


Signed everyone up! Looking good so far.


Cargolux inbound. Due to arrive around 1800z. Is everything going ahead as planned?

Jay (Skyhog)

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For now everything’s looking good!


45 mins to go 😍😍 time to prepare my sweet 777 Lufthansa to ship Mercedes s class cars to Luxemburg 😂

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Callsign: Lufthansa cargo 777 heavy

I will fly EDDM-LUX in cargolux 747-8


Unfortunately I can’t make it. But nice flights to all who participate ✈️


Have a safe flight we might arrive together

do we want to fly this route together?

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Sure I am already spawned in!


im spawned at cargo gate 907

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It taking a long time to load