23JUL22 / 1300Z-1500Z / Indian Fly-In VABB-VIDP

When will the flight plan be out?

I will be join in with a a320

Already did. So how do we find the route? It is my 1st time joining event

Same(ten characters)

Hi. Can I ask where is the flight plan?

Why we aren’t using runway 32

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If im not wrong Vabb is a single runway airport. 27/09 is the used runway. 32/14 is the backup runway of something happens on 27/09.


I’m almost at Delhi I’m G-SWAA

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Lucky! I’ve been waiting at VABB for 30 minutes… Its really really busy!


I still had to wait in a line at Mumbai

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Thanks for coming everyone. This event would be incomplete without the incredible IFATC who made this event possible.

Catch you next month at 2022-08-15T09:00:00Z2022-08-15T17:00:00Z for our next event.

You can join our next event by clicking the link here ➔ Indian Independence Day / VABB & VIDP


Had to delete the last fix in this plan, but otherwise great👍🏽 Thx for posting.

First IF fly-in event — definitely won’t be my last. Thank you to all the IFATCs who helped make this event possible!

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Did event end

It says in 1 hour for me

yes there is something wrong in that timer, but the event has ended

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Should have never sign up for this

well the event was a blast on the IF app, just a small technical issue here

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What a boring flight that was
Im the saudi landing

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I know what you are trynna do😄… Anyways, Thank you for taking the time and joining!

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