23JUL22 / 1300Z-1500Z / Indian Fly-In VABB-VIDP

🇮🇳 Indian Fly-In VABB-VIDP 🇮🇳

Event Specifics

Airport Name & ICAO: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (VABB) to Indra Gandhi International Airport (VIDP)

Origin Destination Livery Aircraft Server
VABB VIDP Air India Any Air india Livery Expert Server


About Our Capital

Delhi the Capital of India was officially formed in 1911. Through most of its history, Delhi has served as a Capital to various Kingdoms and empire. Delhi is also known as the National Capital Territory (NCT of Delhi). NCT covers an area of 1484 square kilometers. In the 20th century, Delhi is one of the Metropolitan city of India. Delhi has a 17th Century Market named Chandni Chowk and now to the World-class Shopping Malls.

Delhi’s culture has been influenced by its lengthy history and historic association as the capital of India, Although a strong Punjabi influence can be seen in language, Dress and Cuisine brought by a large number of migrants from other parts of India has made it a melting pot.

Religious festivals include Diwali (the festival of lights), Mahavir Jayanti, Guru Nanak’s Birthday, Raksha Bandhan, Durga Puja, Holi, Lohri, Chauth, Krishna Janmashtami, Maha Shivratri, Eid ul-Fitr, Moharram and Buddha Jayanti. The festivals depict that " Delhi is One for all and all for one "

Delhi International Airport or also known as Indira Gandhi International Airport is India’s biggest airport located right in the centre of the National Capital Region. With flights to over 100 different countries, the capital sees nearly 70 million passengers and 1 million tons of cargo every year. Indira Gandhi International Airport counts with four parallel runways.

Annually the airport sees around 450 thousand aircraft movements per year with nearly 25-30% of them being international Flights. The airport has 3 major runways to handle much of the traffic as it serves more than 40+ airlines and 20+ cargo based airlines.

As of 2019, Indra Gandhi International Airport serves more than 100+ destinations around the globe and is the hub for 9 airlines.

Indira Gandhi International Airport

Airport Name & ICAO: Indra Gandhi International Airport (VIDP)

ATC Controllers

This event is a part of the schedule, thus any IFATC member is free to open any airport of the event.


☑ Please quote the requested route and aircraft.
☑ This event will take place on the expert server. All usual expert server rules will still apply. Rules may be enforced by ghosting during the event.
☑ Any directions from ATC must be followed.
☑ Minumum separation of 3 nautical miles horizontal and 1000ft vertical must be adhered to at all times.
☑ Please inform us if you will be unable to attend after signing up for the event. This will allow us to plan accordingly and also offer slots to anyone on any waiting lists.
☑ Please make sure that all the pilots are present at their respective gates at least 15-20 mins prior to departure time.
☑ Please follow IFATC instructions if present to avoid unnecessary violations. In case of the absence of IFATC please ensure proper use of UNICOM.

Credits: PocketRishi


A flight between two of my favourite airports,and I won’t join? That’s certainly not happening…
Definitely expect me there!😍


Can I join this event


Yes, this event is open to all IFC Pilots.


What do you mean


Just click on mark going and you shall be signed up.


This looks like a fun one


Hi this is going to be my first IF event, I just wanted to know how everything is going to be informed, like which gate has been allotted to whom, what’s the flight plan and the runways etc.


Oh and just a humble request, is there any way you could postpone the dep time by 15 mins?

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Will try my best to attend this 😁


You can spawn at any empty gate. The flight plan, star and sides will be updated 4 hours before the event.

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As this event is featured in ATC Schedule, postponing it is out of my reach.

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You contact me when the event starts

Before the start of the event, everyone will be told who is whose gate and whose flight plan is to be copied.

This is an open event for the community, hence no gates will be assigned.

ok i get it

oh alright got it

ok thats fine no problem

I wud also like to join today’s event:)

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