23JUL21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Drakensberg Mountains @ South Africa

Aren’t you allowed to control all non-hub airports instead? I think only the hubs are restricted while you are on your CR.

Well. Which airport is the hub?

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Looking forward to this FNF. Currently on my way from Heathrow to Cape Town!

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Awesome! try not to oversleep mate! remember to set an alarm clock haha

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My new destination has been found

Well, the most frequent. If nothing else is told. I wouldn’t suggest: FACT / FAOR. HAAB can be tricky to control with a lot of traffic. Anything else is possible. My opinion :)

Why at FAOR does runways 21R and 21L have the same ILS frequency? its gonna confuse the autopilot

Currently doing Kigali To Johannesburg in that A318 LOL

Fun see you there!

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Does anyone know any callsigns for the Comair flights?

Lovely FNF Center session at Cape Town tonight, hope everyone enjoyed!


Flying right now. For this weeks Friday night flight ✈️