23JAN21 / 1600Z - Winter North of 60 @ ENGM [DEPARTED]

Winter North of 60 🇳🇴

Hosted By @KSS

Welcome to Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Welcome to the next part of the Polar Flyout Series in Oslo, Norway. Oslo Gardermoen Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Norway and is the main airport of the most populous city in Norway. It is a hub for SAS, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Wideroe. You can fly to 26 different places in Norway from Oslo Gardermoen an. In 2019, nearly 30 million passengers traveled through Oslo Gardermoen, so come join me above the 60th parallel in Oslo. Check out more info on ENGM in the link below.



Server: Expert

Airport: Oslo Gardermoen Airport (ENGM)

Time: 2021-01-23T16:00:00Z


Airport Diagram

OSLO GARDERMOEN (ENGM / OSL) - OSLO, OSLO, NORWAY . Airport | Runways |  Ground Handling | Aviation Weather


Quick Note
  • All gate assignments, airlines, and aircrafts are based on real world data.

  • Wideroe Q400 replaces Q100.

  • If an aircraft doesn’t carry a livery, use the generic livery.


23 attendees as of 2021-01-23T01:10:00Z

Domestic Gates (02-28)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
02 Widerøe Q-400 Førde ENBL
03 Widerøe Q-400 Sogndal ENSG @DeltaFox
07 Widerøe Q-400 Florø ENFL
09 Widerøe Q-400 Bergen ENBR @Da-la_nay
10 Wizzair A320 Trondheim ENVA @KSS
11 SAS 737-800 Tromsø ENTC
12 Norwegian 737-800 Bergen ENBR @pilot_dan1
13 SAS 737-700 Molde ENML @Deltadev13
14 SAS 737-700 Ålesund ENAL
15 SAS 737-800 Kristiansand ENCN @LNCEC
16 Norwegian 737-800 Molde ENML
18 Norwegian 737-800 Kirkenes ENKR
20 SAS 737-700 Stavanger ENZV
22 Wizzair A320 Bergen ENBR @cooper_marcukaitis
24 SAS 737-800 Bodø ENBO
26 Norwegian 737-800 Stavanger ENZV
28 SAS 737-800 Bergen ENBR @airplaneboi
International Gates (36-53)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
36 SAS 737-700 Kyiv UKBB
38 SAS A320 Copenhagen EKCH @icengelbre
39 Lufthansa A319 Frankfurt EDDF @felipe_lima
40 LOT ERJ-195 Warsaw EPWA @mildredAV
41 KLM 737-700 Amsterdam EHAM @the_real_plane_spott
42 SAS 737-700 Brussels EBBR @mateuszn
43 Ryanair 737-800 London Stansted EGSS @infiniteflightdeck
44 SAS 737-800 Munich EDDM @fat_albert_512
45 SAS A320 Stockholm ESSA @liam_gardener
46 SAS A320 Heathrow EGLL @United.Sandwitch
47 Vueling A320 Barcelona LEBL @El_yuainxd
48 Qatar A350-900 Doha OTHH
49 Turkish A321 Istanbul LTFM
50 Emirates 777-300ER Dubai OMDB
51 Norwegian 787-9 New York KJFK @noraviator97
53 Thai 777-300ER Bangkok VTBS
Domestic/International (60-76)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
60 Norwegian 737-800 Copenhagen EKCH
61 SAS 737-800 Lakselv ENNA
64 Norwegian 737-800 Alta ENAT
65 SAS 737-700 Tromsø ENTC @nolan_brant12
68 SAS 737-800 Ålesund ENAL
69 Norwegian 737-800 Trondheim ENVA @max3
72 Norwegian 737-800 Tromsø ENTC @jens_severin
73 SAS 737-700 Bodø ENBO
76 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik BIKF
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
203 Korean 777F Seoul RKSI @antonioBIG25
205 DHL 777F East Midlands EGNX
206 Turkish Cargo A330-200F Istanbul LTBA
207 Air Bridge Cargo 747-8 Moscow UUEE
208 UPS MD-11F Cologne EDDK


  • Spawn 5-10 minutes prior to departure
  • Do not attempt to pushback at the sametime as another aircraft beside you
  • Respect Unicom or IFATC if present
  • I am not responsible for any violations or reports
  • Have Fun!

PM will be created 3 days prior to the event.
Hope to see you there!

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Please can I take this gate? Thanks!


Can I have this gate please? 😄

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Come on and spend winter north of the 60th Parallel!

Because I missed your last event I promised I’d make the next ;) May I please have this gate?

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39 Lufthansa A319 Frankfurt EDDF
Could you put me in that gate please


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As a general question can anyone post a flyout for people to join or only certain people

Anyone can post a flyout for anyne but you must be a member to create one (TL2). You are a basic user (TL1) so you aren’t able to create a flyout yet but when you become a member, you will be able to for anyone to join.

How do you become a TL2

@CptAdam This topic should help you out

Let’s get some more signups for Oslo 🇳🇴