23JAN21 / 1300-1600Z - Lunar New Year: Fly-In-N-Out @ WSSS

i’ll take this!

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I will fly in from RJTT

and fly out to

Great event btw @Anthony_Morgan :party_blob: lol Can’t wait for this!


Thank you so much:

  • @Astreal your flight has been booked. Safe flight from Wuhan :)

  • @DannyHL your flight has been booked. Enjoy your trip to Copenhagen :)

  • @LesterXavier both your flights have been booked. Safe flight from Haneda and enjoy your trip to Narita :)

Once again, thank you very much everyone who has signed up so far :D


If everything goes well Singapore will be my first long haul flight (from Munich), but I most likely won’t fly direct, rather via London with BA because Business Class with BA on 4 flights costs less than 2 flights in economy with Singapore Airlines at the moment. Still flying those expensive scammers for ur event 😂

you are calling Singapore Airlines a scammer?

Fly in:

Fly out:

Looking forward for this event :)

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Was a joke :) I mean they are probably already close to full and therefore that expensive, but it was funny to me that they cost twice as much on 2 flights as BA on 4 (all in Business Class)

Singapore Airlines is not operating at full capacity due to Covid-19.

You should remember that the price that you pay on SQ includes the superb services and cabin products you get on SQ. So in the business world, the more you pay, the better service/product you get. Also, a direct flight is generally more expensive than a flight with stop-overs.

but alright, fair enough.

I don’t mean these as an attack towards your statement but just a clarification…

Yeah but then probably close to their reduced capacity. Maybe it’s just so expensive because the tickets just dropped. But I am happy with every Business Class I can find as I have never flown a long haul nor in Business Class, so the Club World cabin should be cool for me too

ehh…not really (just saying)

I can relate, don’t worry lol

But what would justify their prices then?

My hypothesis is that because of the reduced demand for air travel, SQ has decided that in order to make up for the revenue lost, they would increase the price of their air tickets. The price of their air tickets would also include the services, cabin products that one would receive. If you are flying their Business Class and above, you would also receive amenity kits. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe that as a Business Class traveller on SQ, you would receive Lalique Amenity Kits (This could be for the First Class or Suites though)

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The reason for high prices for travels now is because demand is likely inelastic. If you’re travelling now, chances is because you don’t have a choice, be it for work or getting home, you are likely not travelling for the sheer pleasure of doing so, say like leisure travellers. This is why airlines can afford to price tickets steeply; so that they can stand to benefit more from desperate travellers as opposed to price sensitive travellers, holiday goers for example.

Anyways, we’re going off topic. I suggest this becomes a PM or the conversation ends here.

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Thank you very much:

  • @applepro243 both of your flights have been booked. Safe flight from Doha and enjoy your journey to London-Heathrow together with @Andy350 :)

  • @if.aceh your flights have been booked. Enjoy your trip to Milan :)
    Sorry I edited it above your post :)


Can I take the Singapore Airlines A359 from Milan?

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Thank you!

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i want to fly this one.Sign me up please😉

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i want to change to this route!Thanks😉

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Is it possible to add another gate for this?


Thank you so much:

Once again, thank you very much for everyone who has signed up :D