23JAN21 / 0400Z - JFK to Beijing @ KJFK - ZBAA

22JAN21 / 0400Z - New York - Beijing @ KJFK - ZBAA w/ @ElectricGalaxyYT

  • Aircraft and Livery: Boeing B777F / China Cargo

  • Route: New York (KJFK) - Beijing (ZBAA)

  • Time of Departure: 2021-01-23T04:00:00Z

  • Server: Training Server

Additional Information:

  • Please Spawn in 10-15 minutes prior to departure.

  • Pushback one minute prior to departure.

  • Spawn at Cargo Area B (You can spawn at Cargo Area C in case of overflow)

  • Copy Flight Plan from me, @MattTheMouse. Callsign: CKK 592 Heavy

  • Estimated Flight Time: 13.5 hours

  • Departure Runway will likely be 31L

  • Arrival Runway will likely be 36R

  • Cruise: FL360 @ Mach 0.84

  • Remain at or below 175 knots under 5000, 250 knots under FL100, and 280 knots under FL240, then proceed to cruise

  • ATC may be present at both airports.

  • Let me know if you’re attending! Thanks.

Pilots Attending
Pilot Callsign
@MattTheMouse CKK592 Heavy
@YC-International N411YC
@Infinite_Ec N9412 Super

You can ask me any questions regarding the flight. Happy Flying! ;)

Would love to but this event starts at 5am in my time

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The event must be posted 30 days or more. Please choose a date the is 30 or more days away.

@Matt001 I’d be happy to join. It’ll be my birthday flight hehe

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Wrong, 30 days or less. :)


Opps my bad

Can’t it be like 12 hrs earlier (or around that time)? I would love to join.
I was going to say 12 hrs later but i remembered there’s another event taking place on the same day :)

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sure, I’ll move the event down 12 hrs

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Thx, appreciate it

Sorry @Matt001 I don’t think I’ll be able to make it this time :(

Sign me up please! My callsign is N411YC


Can I Please sign up. Callsign: N9412 super

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@YC-International @Infinite_Ec you guys are signed up!

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Are we going to spawn?

@Matt001 I am hosting an event want to join? 19FEB21 / 2300Z - World's Longest Route With @Infinite_Ec @ KEWR to WSSS

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