23FEB22 / 0700Z - Patrolling 'The Wall' in Scandinavia @ ENBR to EFMA

  • Aircraft type: Any fighter jet that can go over Mach 1 for cruise

  • Route: ENBR-EFMA

  • Time of Departure: 23.02.2022 07:00 UTC (in a few days already)

  • Server: Training

Hi everyone, as you have maybe noticed already the cold regions of our planet are flat in IF unfortunately. While the far north and south regions should definitely get some realistic scenery too because they look kinda depressing the way they are right now, this flaw can still be used for some fun flying:

The flat scenery starts abruptly at the 60th latitude (I think, don’t remember the exact coordinate). This basically means that there’s a big wall spanning around all land masses that are so far north or south, seperating the realistic are from the flat one, cutting through everything on it’s way. As this wall is kind of dangerous because people could fall of from it, we should make sure everything is alright.
I suggest a patrol flight using fighter jets, departing at Bergen ENBR, flyng all the way through scandinavia (low and fast, right next to ‘The Wall’) and then finally landing at Mariehamn EFMA.

Tell me below which server you would like to use, I guess Casual would be good for that kinda stuff but I don’t really like flying there.

Hoping we’ll have some fun ;)


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Me flying next to ‘The Wall’ on my way from ESSA to ENBR a few days ago

I’m up for joining, I don’t care what server

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this seems like a great idea. I think you should do this on the training server you have atc but you could still do some maneuvers and stuff. also, it be accessible to a wider range of people

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Okay, guess It’ll be on the Training Server then. Though I’ll wait with confirming that untill a day before the flight, maybe someone will have another wish

Nice, see you then 👍

could you change the time to be the one that automatically sets to your timezone

Added that below everything else

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