23FEB21 / 1630Z [COMPLETED] - Fly to Egypt from @ OEJN

Has this started yet?

Sorry I’m USA (NYC) time

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Taxiing now, you can still make it if you hurry

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Sure . I will


Hopping in. Can I copy flight plan?


Of course


Oof i made a wrong turn

No problem. I’m departing runway 34R

Taxiing to active

What’s our cruise ALT?

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Can you please make a PM for this Groupflight? Thanks

Cruising at 35,000ft

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And cruising speed is 320kts

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Sorry I meant 280kts

Oh no, did you not have a game and mean, check out internet for Google also into “FlightAware” for plane, too 🤷‍♂️.

What do you mean.

@Saudia263 This is your topic, also posted it map for “FlightAware”, too, and not own simulation game and I am sure what this your topic “Live” and not a game?

Sorry I am still not sure what you are trying to say…

@Saudia263 Okay, Okay, alright, Because I am deaf and cannot hear. It your post what is this topic game or FlightAware “Live” which one? I wonder?

Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to cause any problem. Yes it’s flight aware

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@Saudia263 That’s a good for you.