23DEC2020 / 1430Z - 1530Z Finnair Virtual Presents: A Christmas Route! @EFHK - EFRO


Finnair Virtual Christmas Event: A Flight to Lapland!

Hi everyone! As many of you may know, Santa is from Lapland, which is a part of Finland, so as Christmas is arriving, Finnair Virtual has decided to do a flight from our hub, Helsinki, to Lapland’s capital, Rovaniemi!

About Lapland!

Lapland is the largest and northernmost region of Finland. The municipalities in the region cooperate in a Regional Council. There are 21 municipalities in Lapland region. Lapland borders the region of North Ostrobothnia in the south. It also borders the Gulf of Bothnia, Norrbotten County in Sweden, Troms and Finnmark County in Norway, and Murmansk Oblast and the Republic of Karelia in Russia. The topography varies from vast mires and forests in the South to fells in the North. The arctic circle crosses Lapland so polar phenomena such as Midnight Sun and Polar night can be seen in Lapland.

More Info about Lapland

Lapland’s cold and wintry climate, coupled with its relative abundance of conifer trees such as pines and spruces means that it has become associated with Christmas in some countries, most notably the United Kingdom, and holidays to Lapland are common towards the end of the year. However, Lapland region has developed its infrastructure for year-round tourism and for example 2019 on snow-free period tourism increased more than during the winter season. Rovaniemi Airport is the third busiest airport in Finland. Besides tourism, other important sectors are trade, manufacturing and construction.

The region was associated with Father Christmas or Saint Nicholas when first proposed by Finnish radio host Markus Rautio in 1927.

About Lapland's Capital, Rovaniemi!

Rovaniemi is a city and municipality of Finland. It is the administrative capital and commercial centre of Finland’s northernmost province, Lapland. It is situated about 6 kilometres (4 miles) south of the Arctic Circleband and is between the hills of Ounasvaara and Korkalovaara, at the confluence of the river Kemijoki and its tributary, the Ounasjoki.

More Info about Rovamiemi

The city and the surrounding Rovaniemen maalaiskunta (Rural municipality of Rovaniemi) were consolidated into a single entity on 1 January 2006. The resulting city of Rovaniemi is considered the largest city in all of Europe!

Rovaniemi municipality has an approximate population of 63,000. The urban area of Rovaniemi has a population of 53 361, in an area of 5,977 km2 (2,308 sq mi). Rovaniemi is a unilingual Finnish speaking municipality and, uncommonly for larger Finnish towns, it is also known by its Finnish name and spelling in the Swedish language.

Finnair Virtual is a Virtual Airline founded in August 2020. Our goal is to maintain a very professional environment whilst having fun and learning new things. We have a great staff team: @GBKarp, who is our CEO, @Hardlanding_Hussain and @That_Guy14, who are our COOs, @airbus7447skyhawk, who is our Flight Supervisor, and @ECOFRIENDLY_TIME and @Dmitry_Gal who are our Routes Managers. They are all very experienced pilots, To learn more about us, check out our thread here !


Click here to apply!

Our Requirements:

  • Must be at least 13 years old
  • Must be at least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight
  • Must have an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Must have access to Slack and be able to maintain maturity there
  • Landing/Violation ratio must not be more than 0.25

Helsinki Vantaa Airport!


Runway Length ILS Surface Notes
04R/22L 11,483ft CAT II (Both) Asphalt The main runway
04L/22R 10,039ft CAT III (04L), CAT II (22R) Asphalt Mainly used for arrivals
15/33 9,518ft CAT I (15) Asphalt Used for propeller and low visibility departures

Rovaniemi Airport!


Runway Length ILS Surface Notes
03/21 9,859ft CAT II (21) Asphalt Only runway

Server - Expert

Airports - EFHK & EFRO

Event Time - 2020-12-23T14:30:00Z2020-12-23T15:00:00Z

The Event is held on the 23rd instead of the 25th as most of us will be inactive on Christmas :)

All liveries are Finnair!

Wave 1 (1430Z // FULL)
Departure Gates @ EFHK (T2) Aircraft Pilot
Gate 23 A321 @tunamkol
Gate 24 A321 @that_guy14
Gate 25 A321 @MJP_27
Gate 26 A321 @cptlogue
Gate 27 A359 @GBKarp
Gate 28 A359 @Adrian_K
Gate 29 A359 @Marcel001
Gate 30 A359 @HappyDays
Wave 2 (1500Z // FULL)
Departure Gates @ EFHK (T2) Aircraft Pilot
Gate 23 A321 @Akshay_sai
Gate 24 A321 @airbus7447skyhawk
Gate 25 A321 @Finnishboy
Gate 26 A321 @Aviation108
Gate 27 A359 @Aviation2929
Gate 28 A359 @Dmitry_Gal
Gate 29 A359 @saam
Gate 30 A359 @Dimitri_126
Gate 31 A359 @Jay_M

More waves can be added.


  • Respect every pilot during the event.
  • Maintain special awareness when moving. We encourage you to check the airport diagram above before the event.
  • We are NOT responsible for any violations you may receive during this event.
  • Copy FPL from a Finnair Virtual staff.
  • If IFATC is not available, use UNICOM correctly.
  • Despawn as soon as possible because EFRO has limited gates.
  • Have fun and enjoy the event!


Finnair Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Finnair Ltd.
All affiliate logos are registered trademarks of Finnair Ltd.
© Finnair Virtual


Can I have Wave 1 Gate 27?

gimme a gate obviously

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@GBKarp you will be signed up shortly.

@tunamkol what wave and aircraft do you want?

What wave are Gab and U or U and huss in? (Idk who’s in the acc now)

I won’t have a sub then Tunes :)

I’m in wave 1

oh no 😭😭😭😭


Gimme wave 1 then and A321 please

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You have been signed up! :D

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Me please. Wave 1

Thank u mate

See ya there

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I’ll take an A321 gate in wave 1 please

You’ve been Signed up @That_Guy14 and @Adrian_K!


Hey there!

Just wondering? What’s the expected flight time?


It is an hour and 5 mins (1:05)

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Would love to have this gate!

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Sign me up for an A321 gate!

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Can I get this gate please?

Would love to join the event! Would like to sign up for any wave 1 A321 gate.