23DEC20 / 2300Z - The White House Flyout! @ KDCA

Hello Everyone! this will be my 2nd Event I made. So as most of you know, Reagan Nation Airport Located just outside of downtown Washington DC, this airport is the closest to Washington DC and is most preferred to fly into for just that reason alone. Its Hub airline is American hosting most of the gates. United, Frontier, Southwest, Delta, Sun Country, Air Canada, Alaska, and Jetblue also fly out of this airport.

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Reagan National Airport, KDCA/DCA


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Note that I will not be using all the gates at the airport and if you want me to add a route that flys out of this airport I will just ask

                        Terminal A/Banjo Stand

   Airline        Aircraft        Route         Gate       Pilot
   Air Canada     CRJ-200      Toronto CYYZ      3
   Southwest      737-700  Fort Lauderdale KFLL  4
   Southwest      737-700     St.Louis KSTL      5         @Owen_Fask
   Southwest      737-700     Nashville KBNA     6
   Frontier       A321        Denver KDEN        7         @Amueller
   Southwest      737-700  Chicago Midway KMDW   8         @MidwayAviation
   Southwest      737-700     Providence KPVD    9         @peytw2084

                        Terminal B
   Airline        Aircraft        Route         Gate       Pilot 
   United         757-200     Chicago KORD       10        @Pilot_Felix
   United         CRJ-700     Newark KEWR        11
   United         A320        Denver  KDEN       13
   United         737-900     Houston KIAH       14        @Johnt30
   Delta          CRJ-900     Cinncinati KCVG    15        
   Alaska         737-900     Seattle KSEA       16
   Delta          A319        Detroit KDTW       17        @Sam73628
   Alaska         737-900     Los Angles KLAX    18
   Delta          757-200   Salt Lake City KSLC  19        @Pingu
   Delta          ERJ 170     La Guarda LGA      20
   Delta          A321        Atlanta KATL       21        @Antoniobig25
   Delta          A321        Minneapolis        22
   American       A321        Charlotte KCLT     23        
   JetBlue        ERJ 190     Orlando KMCO       24
   American       A320        Sarasota KSRQ      25
   JetBlue        A320      Fort Laderdale KFLL  26        @Xavier_Omatseye
   JetBlue        A320          Tampa KTPA       27        @JetBlue_48_DJT
   JetBlue        ERJ 190     Boston KBOS        28
   JetBlue        ERJ 190  West Palm Beach KPBI  29
   JetBlue        ERJ 190     Fort Myers KRSW    30

                         Terminal C
   American       A320        Orlando KMCO       35
   American       CRJ-700     Panama City KECP   36
   American       CRJ-700     Bagnor KBGR        35D
   American       737-800     Miami KMIA         37        @hi_ppl
   American       737-800     Dallas KDFW        38
   American       CRJ-700     Pensacola KPNS     39       @FlightLA205
   American       A321        Los Angles KLAX    40
   American      CRJ-700 Destin Fort Walton KVPS 41
   American      CRJ-900      Albany KALB        42
   American      737-800      Chicago KORD       43       @ORD777flyer
                         President Flight

   US Air Force  757-200      Dallas KDFW        35O      @DeltaFox
   Any Livery      A-10       Dallas KDFW        35N       @Aviation2929
   Any Livery      A-10       Dallas KDFW        35M      @greatsharkiee
   Any Livery      A-10       Dallas KDFW        35L      @Infiniteflight2
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Nice, I’ll take 19 to Salt Lake City.

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Added! thanks for joining!

May I take a gate to ORD but with an American 737-800?!

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I cant so ill just add that gate to terminal C for you :)

just added you to the event!

Thanks man!

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Why not? Sign me up!

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Just added you, thanks for joining!

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4 Weeks till the event

Can I have gate 17 please

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Just added you, thanks for joining!

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Thank you, it’s great.

Hey, I see you commented in my event, would you like to join?

Can I have the ERI-175 route to Chicago? I’ll probably do it in ERJ170 for the livery, is that OK?

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Just added you, thanks for joining! also i meant the 170 for the route i put the 175 by accident.

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May I take this flight please?

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you have been added, thanks for joining!

3 weeks until the event! make sure you sign up if you are interested!

Unfortunately, I’m already signed up for an event on the 23rd :(
Also, I don’t want to sound mean or annoying, but the USAF 757 does not operate out of DCA, it uses Andrews AFB (KADW), which is to the east of DCA
Hope you guys have fun! (This is my home airport, i wish i could attend :( )

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