23DEC20 / 1900Z - Mountains to Beaches | @SCEL-KMIA | LATAM B787-9 | LIVESTREAM on Nolan's Aviation

Hello and welcome to another one of my events! Get ready to join me on an 8 hour flight from Santiago, Chile to Miami, Florida! Santiago is the capital of Chile. Chile is also the WORLD LONGEST COUNTRY! Their airport (Santiago–Rosalía de Castro Airport) is the main airport and largest airport in Chile serving up to 4 million passengers each year! Their main airline- LATAM and Lan-Chile, as well as many other such as JetSmart, Gol, KLM, America Airlines, Air Canada, Iberia, and more serve this airport. This airport also serves many destinations such as the USA (Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, etc, Canada, Madrid, Amsterdam, etc.)

Here is information about Santiago as well as the airport.
Santiago- Santiago - Wikipedia

Santiago Airport- Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport - Wikipedia

Server: *Expert

Airport: *Start at SCEL (Santiago, Chile) and arrive at KMIA (Miami, Florda) *

Time: 1900Z

Runway for Takeoff- 17R (May change depending on weather)

Runway for Landing- 9 (May change depending on weather)

Fuel- Around 100,000 pounds (45000KG) YOU MAY CHOOSE YOU OWN FUEL AMOUNT. The 787 uses 10,000 pounds per hour and the flight is 8 hours.

Cargo- MAX (44,092)

Passengers- Near 200

Flight Plan (FPL)- Coming soon

Cruising Altitude- FL360-400 (36,000, 38,000, and 40,000FT) (MSL)

Cruising Speed- Mack- .85 to .86

Estimated Flight time- 7 hours 55 minutes

Airport Diagram-

All info about SCEL- https://vau.aero/navdb/chart/SCEL.pdf



Gates At Santiago (International / Main Terminal)

Gate 15- IFC Name
Gate 16- @nolan_brant12
Gate 17- @Winkie_Ciel_Skylar
Gate 18- @Avgeek1
Gate 19- @Tre_Dior
Gate 20- IFC Name
Gate 21- IFC Name
Gate 22- IFC Name
Gate 23- IFC Name
Gate 24- IFC Name
Gate 25- IFC Name
Gate 26- IFC Name
Gate 27- IFC Name
Gate 28- IFC Name

(More Gates can be added if necessary)

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Thank you so much for attending! There’s plenty of gates, and im sure a lot of people so no doubt that it’s going to be a blast!

See you then! - Nolan Brant

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Dang, im surprised no one has singed up yet.

Don’t feel bad… I’ll sign up! Give me a gate!

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ahh finally, thank you so much for joining! You can be gate 17, right next to me!

gate 18 (Avgeek1)

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Gate 19 for me.

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Yes, so happy you guys joined! I needed some more really badly!

@Avgeek1 @Tre_Dior @Winkie_Ciel_Skylar
I am very sorry to say, but I am going to have to reschedule some this Friday or sometime next week. Please let me know what time works best, because id love to have you join!

I think you should get more people to join first, them plan. Let’s keep this thread active so it never gets closed.

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ok, sounds great! Lets try sometime next week. Maybe not this Monday, we definitely dont have enough people to make this an amazing event.

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