23DEC20 / 1800Z — Group Flight @ KPIE to KCHA

Please join me in a flight from St. Petersburg Clearwater Florida (KPIE) to Chattanooga Tennessee (KCHA). This flight is about 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Aircraft and Livery: Airbus A320—Allegiant Air

Route: Anything!

Time of Departure: We will pushback at 1800 Zulu on December 23, 2020.

Server: Grade 2

Thank you and see y’all at KPIE, about 15 minutes before pushback time! Reply if you’re coming!:)

I’m afraid that your ZULU to EST conversion was incorrect, as 0800Z is 3am EST (1pm EST is 1800Z). If it’s at 0800Z, great, but if it is at 1800Z, unfortunately it falls against the rules of the category that group flights posted in #live:groupflights must be within three hours of posting.

For reference, this is the guidelines topic: About The GroupFlights Category

In addition, I’d like to welcome you to the forum, and I encourage you to keep interacting here and making new friends - it’s certainly an awesome place to do so! I’ve linked some resources that can help you get started here as to provide the best forum experience.

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If this is at 800 zulu then I can join,

Additionally, you are not allowed to include gates in any #live:groupflights flight. Refer to the “About the GroupFlights Category” topic @Thunderbolt linked.

(Welcome to the community!)

Also their cannot be gates in the #live:groupflights feel free to put them in a PM you can find the rules in the link provided by Thunderbolt Thanks!

@joshvollberg 800 ulu and 1 pm est aren’t equal so which one are you doing

Sorry, meant to say 1800 Zulu.

Sorry then you have to post it within 3 hours, and also I can’t attend

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