23AUG20 / 2100Z - Throwback to Virgin America @ KDAL to KPSP

Hey IFC! Join me in honoring one of our past airlines: Virgin America! We will be flying a unique route of theirs using the A320 from a busy Downtown Dallas to the well-known vacation Spot in Palm Springs, California! We will be passing lots of amazing scenery as we move from the plains to the deserts. Landing at PSP is very interesting and requires a skilled pilot. So if you’d like to join this short hop from Middle America to the sands of the Coachella Valley, please do!

  • Flight Plan: Please copy the Flight Plan info from me.

  • Extra Info: If you would like to be super realistic you can use FPLtoIF.com (which is what I will be using for our FPL today)
    And please spawn into Dallas Love Field (KDAL) 10-15 minutes prior to departure (we will pushback at 2100Z)

Thanks and I hope to see you all there!

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Aw why not. Sign me up :)

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Do you know how long the flight will last?

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its about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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I might be able to make it.

Btw the flight sounds fun!

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Sweet! @anon74260613 will be happy to hear that!

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@AviationFreak and @Stellar_G you are signed up! Thanks for joining!

We got about 10 minutes left before spawn in if anyone wants to join!


At Mach .81
Departing RWY 13R at KDAL
Arriving RWY 31L at KPSP

Isn’t Mach .79 kinda slow?

FPLtoIF says .78

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Should we spawn in now?

Yes I’m there

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Yes please spawn in now if you can still make it. Thank you!

Can’t make it sorry!

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That’s fine!

A320 cruises at .78

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Yeah it does 😂

Well the Group Flight has landed! But I still have a question for everyone:
What should my next #live:groupflights be? Vote below!


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