23AUG20 / 1700Z - The Great Bush Flyout of Alaska! @PAJN

Welcome to The Great Bush Flyout of Alaska!

Server: Expert
Airport: Juneau International Airport PAJN
Time: 1700Z 2020-08-23T17:00:00Z

Welcome to the Bush Flyout of Alaska! I have chosen this airport to re-create a busy day of bush flying, a lifeline of 300,000 people. Through rain, snow, sleet, and freezing winds, the flight’s must continue! They deliver vital medical supply’s, food, and clean clothing and shelter. For many in the most remote area’s, a plane crucial as the closest road may be over 100 miles away. Sign up and help supplies and people moving!

About Juneau International

Juneau International (PAJN) was built as a refuelling stop during WW2 to service aircraft flying between US mainland airstrips and the Aleutian Island’s. After the war, PAJN was serviced by the likes of Pan Am and the DC-4. In 1963, the jet age arrived with daily 707 flight’s to Seattle, Anchorage, and Annett Island. The airport continued to receive service from many small carrier’s and a seasonal delta route has added in 2014.

The commercial flight’s will dry up fast. Get em while you can!

Gate Destination Aircraft and Airline Pilot
Gate 1 PANC Alaska 737 -
Gate 2 PAYA Alaska 738 @Mukundan_Srivatsa
Gate 3 KSEA Alaska 739 @ORD777flyer
Gate 4 PASI Alaska 737 @Brody_Swiatek
Gate 5 PAGS Alaska 737 @Johhhn
Gate 6 KSEA Delta 738 -

Quote the flight when signing up

Main Apron
Gate Destination Aircraft and Livery Pilot Type of flight
Main Apron 1 PASI C208 (Private 1) - MEDEVAC
Main Apron 2 PANC C208 (Private 1) - MEDEVAC
Main Apron 3 PAPG C208 (Private 1) - MEDEVAC
Main Apron 4 CKU C208 (Private 1) - MEDEVAC
Main Apron 5-17 Choice TBM or C208 - Charter
Fedex Cargo PANC C208 (Fedex Feeder) - Cargo

When signing up for a charter include the aircraft type, livery, and destination. Anything else can be requested by quoting it.

Private Jets
Gate Destination Aircraft and Livery Pilot
GA East 22-28 Choice Citation X (any livery) -

When signing up include the destination and livery.

General Aviation
Gate Destination Aircraft and Livery Pilot
GA West 1 PAGY X-Cub @david_mullen
GA West 2-17 Choice Any GA aircraft

when signing up include the destination, aircraft type, and livery.


  • Spawn in 15 minutes before the event at your designated gate.
  • Have an appropriate callsign at the event. You will be asked to change it or leave.
  • There will be a order of pushback/taxi, please follow it
  • Keep IFC open during the event to communicate.
  • If there is ATC coverage during the event. Follow all instructions over any other procedure.


I am not responsible for any reports or violations you may recieve during or after the event. Follow ATC instructions at ALL time’s.

Come on up for the flyout! When signing up follow instructions as in the gate sections.

I’ll see you guys there!


Beautiful picture btw


Do you think I can take an Alaska 737-900ER to SEA instead

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@ORD777flyer I’ll get you a spot.

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Can I get gate 4 to PANC in an Alaska 738

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That’s just been taken. Will a Delta 737 to KSEA work for you? @KSS

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Yes that will be fine

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Alright thank you

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This one please 😉

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You got it @Brody_Swiatek!

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I will choose that with the TBM to Many Airports!

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Which airport? @Marcel001

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Destination airport? Many Airports

What’s the ICAO or FAA code then? @Marcel001

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PANC and Many Other Airports

I’m going to put the destination as PANC and you can go from there.

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I’ll take this one, please

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You are signed up @Johhhn!

Please book me in at Gate 4


You got it! @Infinite_flight_FRA. Welcome to the IFC!