23AUG20 / 1700Z - Military Marvels Airshow @ KSZL (FINISHED)

With heavy amounts of inspiration from @Brody_Swiatek’s Oshkosh event, I’ve decided to go ahead and try it out for myself, photo credits to @ItsBlitz

So, where is this, when is this, and what is this about? I’ll answer those one at a time.

Location: This event will be held at Whiteman AFB in Johnson County, Missouri. If you don’t know where that is, it’s about 61 miles east of Kansas City, Missouri (70 miles by road). Some of you know it for being the only AFB to house the B-2 bomber, and some of you recognize it by the 303rd Fighter Squardron’s livery on the A-10 in IF.

Date & Time: This event happens Sunday, August 23th, starting at 1700z and ending 2000z. If you don’t have your UTC conversion chart out, don’t worry! It’ll be held at this time based on your time zone: 5:00:00 PM until 8:00:00 PM

Reason: I wanted to hold an event where we can admire the beauty in IF’s military marvels, from the A-10 to the KC-10! In my opinion these aircraft are underrated and deserve as much attention as commercial aircraft do. To add on, Whiteman AFB is one of my favorite underrated airports as well, as I’ve been there a few times and think it’s a great place IRL and in IF!

With that said, let’s get to the details.

Server: To allow for acrobatics, this will be held on the CASUAL server.

Airport: Whiteman AFB / KSZL

Time: 1700Z - 2000Z / 5:00:00 PM until 8:00:00 PM

Aircraft: A-10s, F-jets, C-130s, special military planes, and a KC-10 will be allowed. Livery is at your discretion but I recommend the 303rd FS livery for A-10s and US liveries for the C-130.

NOTAM: Attendees may choose either of the following groups: Performers and Spectators.

About Performers: Performers will spawn in at Alpha, Charlie, Echo, and Hangar spots with one at Hot Cargo. All A-10s will spawn at Alpha spots, with F-jets spawning in at Charlie and Delta spots with C-130s spawning at Echo spots and Hangar E. The KC-10 will spawn at the Hot Cargo spot. Special Military Aircraft will spawn in Hangars A, B, and C.

About Spectators: Spectators will spawn at Bravo spots. No aircraft larger than the TBM930 are allowed.

More info for attendees and acrobatic maneuvers will be sent in a DM.


A-10 Thunderbolt II

Spot Pilot Aircraft
Alpha 1-1 @nativetoalaska A-10
Alpha 1-2 @Planeviation A-10
Alpha 1-3 A-10
Alpha 1-4 A-10
Alpha 2-1 A-10
Alpha 2-2 A-10
Alpha 2-3 A-10
Alpha 2-4 A-10


Spot Spectator
Bravo 1-1 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Bravo 1-2 @Dweeam
Bravo 1-3
Bravo 1-4
Bravo 1-5
Bravo 1-6
Bravo 2-1
Bravo 2-2
Bravo 2-3
Bravo 2-4
Bravo 2-5
Bravo 2-6


Spot Pilot Aircraft
Charlie 1-1 @Jesse_Clark F-16
Charlie 1-2 @Captain-787 F-22
Charlie 1-3 @Mukundan_Srivatsa F-22
Charlie 2-1 @Nate_Schneller F-22
Charlie 2-2 @DeltaMD88Fan F-22
Charlie 2-3 @RT6907 F-16
Delta 1-1
Delta 1-2


Spot Pilot Aircraft
Echo 1-1 C-130
Echo 1-2 C-130
Echo 1-3 C-130
Echo 1-4 C-130
Hangar E-1 C-130
Hangar E-2 C-130
N/A @HercDriver206 C-130

KC-10 Extender

Spot Pilot Aircraft
Hot Cargo KC-10

Special Military Aircraft

Spot Pilot Aircraft
Hangar A-1 @Oskapew Spitfire
Hangar A-2 @Alec P-38

If there’s any errors with this or if you have a suggestion, make sure to leave your two cents! Thanks for reading and consider signing up!


Hi there, looks like a really cool event!

As per the #live:events guidelines, events shouldn’t be posted more than 30 days in advance. Feel free to move this to an earlier date or wait four days to post the event as planned. Thanks for your understanding!

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I’ll move it up earlier, thanks for correcting me!

I will take an A-10 spot please!

Sure, you’ve got Alpha 1-2. Give me a minute to add you and invite you to a DM. Thanks for attending!

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I’d like to take a spot for my spitfire gig!

You’re an exception ;) I’ll put you on Hangar A-1 and get you in the DM, thanks for attending!

Oh wait what? Did I miss something?

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I was only putting on A-10s, C-130s, F-jets (F-14, F-22, F-16) and a KC-10 but I’ll let you take the spitfire out for a ride

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Ohh my bad, I didn’t see that. But thanks!

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No problem! See you in the DM!

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Hello, I ask for 3 spot for the USCG 's C130 Demo Team, and a spot for a grounded MD11.
Requesting demo at 1700 Z

Thank you, LCDR Andrea

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Is it a possibility to add me in the “Specialties” area? I would like to fly the P-38. Thanks!


@Andrea we can discuss this in the DM you sent.

@Alec why not? You’ve got Hangar A-2! Thanks for attending!


Little bump here, nothing else to see other than the post at the top, but I may as well give this reply some purpose. @Andrea are any of these three or four you mentioned considering signing up?

@Andrea, @ianfirepower, and @ZaneDavis, can you confirm you want to be part of the airshow? You can also leave an aircraft type, too.

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C130s USCG livery for all of us

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Thank you.

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No problem! Thanks for attending!

I will take this spot please. (H or J’s?)

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