23AUG20 / 1400Z - The Great Hibernian Flyout @ EIDW

Summary: Hello and welcome to my very first event! I am proud to present to you, the great Hibernian (Irish) flyout! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope to see you there!


We have a new sponsor for the event! Ryanair Virtual have teamed up with me to sponsor this event!

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Dublin Airport (EIDW)

Time: 1400Z / 1500Z





Note If you would like to substitute a different flight for the same airline please say accorfingly in the thread!

Wave 1 (1400Z)
Terminal 1 (Ryanair)
Gate Aircraft Route Pilot
107 FR Boeing 737 EIDW - GCFV @Declan_Mcgee
108L FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGNM
108R FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGNT
109L FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGGW
109R FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGGP
110L FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGGD
110R FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGPH
111L FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGNX
111R FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGCC
119R FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGBB
119L FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EPRZ
120L FR Boeing 737 EIDW - LHBP
121L FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EPBY
121 FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGKK
122 FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EGSS @InfiniteFlightDeck
123 FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EBBR
124 FR Boeing 737 EIDW - LGAV
125 FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EDDF
126 FR Boeing 737 EIDW - EKCH
127 FR Boeing 737 EIDW - LPFR @JornGroen
Terminal 2 (Aer Lingus)
Gate Aircraft Route Pilot
400L EI Airbus A320 EIDW - EGLL
400R EI Airbus A320 EIDW - EGCC
401C EI Airbus A350 EIDW - KLAX
402L EI Airbus A321 EIDW - EHAM @Captain-787
402R EI Airbus A321 EIDW - LEBL
403C EI Airbus A350 EIDW - KSFO
406A EI Airbus A320 EIDW - EGPF
406B EI Airbus A320 EIDW - EGKK
407L EI Airbus A321 EIDW - LIMC
407R EI Airbus A321 EIDW - LKPR
408L EI Airbus A320 EIDW - LSGG
408R EI Airbus A320 EIDW - LGAV
Wave 2 (1500Z)
Terminal 1 (Variety)
Gate Aircraft Route Pilot
121 BA Airbus A319 EIDW - EGLL
122 LH Airbus A321 EIDW - EDDF
123 IB Airbus A320 EIDW - LEMD
124 AC Boeing 787-9 EIDW - CYYZ
125 TK Airbus A321 EIDW - LTFM
126 BE DHC-8 Q400 EIDW - EGNX
127 SK Boeing 737-700 EIDW - ENGM
Terminal 2 (Variety)
Gate Aircraft Route Pilot
400C AA Boeing 777-200ER EIDW - KPHL
401C UA Boeing 787-10 EIDW - KEWR
402C AA Boeing 787-9 EIDW - KDAL
403C DL Airbus A330- EIDW - KJFK
404C AA Boeing 777-200ER EIDW - KORD @IF_Josh

Some Info about EIDW:

EIDW Charts:


Any violations received are the receiver’s responsibility.

Maintain a professional level at all times.

Maintain Spatial Awareness.

I can’t wait to see my favorite airport be filled up.

Reply below if you are interested.


Hi! Nice event. I don’t want to be that guy but you aren’t supposed to start an events thread more than 30 days before the event happens. You can just move it up a few days and it will be completely fine. Anyway, I will take this gate:

You have been added! Enjoy! I have also changed the date

Hey can I take this?

Yep. You are in. Thanks for application!

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Thankyou 😊!

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I think you should only have 1 wave, makes it more realistic.

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Well Hugh i think two would be better so. Would you like a gate.

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Yeah sure, throw me up for Edinburgh with Ryanair.

Edinburgh isnt an option @CaptainHugh hugh

Oh ok, then Brussels please

Ok you’re in

I would like the flight to LPFR, wave 1 (FRVA004)

ill take Dublin to Chicago please

You’re in. @IF_Josh Thanks for your interest. Tell your friends!

@JornGroen You’re in

I’ll take a FUE gate for wave one

FUE? Sorry?


That isn’t an option sorry