23AUG20 / 0530Z - Going for Grade 5! @ RJAA to KDFW

Grade 5

Hi everyone! I’m very excited and happy to say that I will be embarking on my 800th landing tonight which will also me my Grade 5 landing! I have been playing this wonderful simulator since 2012 and I am finally reaching Grade 5! After playing on 3 different accounts (in which 2 are now inactive), I am super happy to be accomplishing this major goal in my IF Career. IF has shaped my future and passion for aviation. I joined this flight simulator when I was just 6 years old in 2012 in which I had little aviation knowledge. Joining the community in 2017 when I was 12 (I had no clue about ToS) and now pursuing my PPL in flight school. A big thanks to the community for not only letting me have the chance for a future, but also for the friends and relationships I had along the way. Cheers to Grade 5!


Credits to Flickr

Pushback Time - 2020-08-23T05:30:00Z
Arrival Time - 2020-08-23T16:45:00Z

Flight Plan - Copy my FPL
Flight Procedures - We will not be step-climbing as I know many will be doing overnighters
Server - Expert Server

Aircraft and Livery - 777-300ER American Airlines
Route - RJAA (Tokyo Narita) to KDFW (Dallas Fort Worth)

I hope to see you guys there! I will be making a PM for those who do join!


Hey, I would be interested in joining.

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Great! I’ll invite you to the PM 30 minutes before :)

Nooooo I would be able to to it but I can’t

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I really want to fly with you blitz

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aww dang, maybe next time!

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Yeah I’ll have to see your next one this is an awesome choice of flight

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I’ll fly with you, gives me a change on welcoming you to the grade 5 club on touchdown!

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Thanks ZinZowe! I’ll be sure to invite you!

Thanks! I chose this route as I flew it in Business Class a couple years ago!

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Delayed 10 minutes :) PM created! Pushback in 25-30!

Oh wow nice

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Pushing in 9 minutes!

Congrats on nearly becoming grade 5!

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Grade 5 to be soon 😁

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you can recopy my FPL for the 16L dep

i just pulled a “you pay for the whole runway, you use the whole runway” move

Alright everyone, we have departed! Thanks to @ZinZowe and @Brenden_Hirsch for departing with me! Buttery landings in the morning ;)



If i dont butter for Grade 5, I’ll be dissapointed.