23AUG20 / 0300Z - Kai-Tak Fly-In | The Heart Attack Approach @ VHHX

I can attend! this time actually was the best out of all of them for me!

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The time is Perfect! Can I get a gate from Shanghai ? but in a Cathay 747 since I flew to Shanghai when I was 3 months old? (and lived there until I was 8)

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I’ll see what I can do for you!

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Cathay Pacific Virtual is proud to be the official sponsor of the “Kai-Tak Fly-In” hosted by @RTG113.

All Cathay Pacific Virtual Pilots shall receive a 3x flight time multiplier when partaking in this event.



Ill most likely be unable to reach the event at the new time since its 5am for me. Ill be landing at around 0700Z at the earlyest. Feel free to remove me from the list, and free up the spot for someone else

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Hello! I wanted to help everyone with the approach into Kai Tak!

This is not an advertisement, I just want to help people learn 😊


This one please

It’s my birthday on the 23rd 😀

Are we supposed to fly in at 0300 zulu or takeoff at that time

We have to land at approximately land at 0300Z. This is a flyin, not a flyout

Heavy traffic inbounding, expect delays… can’t imagine a bunch of a/c arriving Kai-Tak at the same time, it would be quite chaotic if people didn’t practice their visual landing beforehand and need to go around during the event ;(

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I’ll take a gate from new chitose

I’ll take the delta MD-11 from LAX

Please, gib me

Can I take this gate please

Yes, definitely make sure you practice beforehand if you’re feeling uncertain about the approach!

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I hereby reserve this slot for the Vegan Council on World Domination; Hong Kong delegation

Kindest regards

Vegan XIV

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Really cool flyout, sadly I dont think I will be able to make it 😭

But honestly kai tak is a great choice for an event. It is extremely loved by the aviation community.

Keep up the good work!!

@RTG113 Any chance that instead of the Delta MD11 my aircraft could be switched to the Cathay 747?

@Derp_PH The host is RTG113 :)

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