23APR23: The Buffalo NY Flyout DEPARTED

i wish IF would consider removing the majority of the old frontier liveries and replacing them with newer ones

I kinda enjoy the old ones, I use them often lol

old ones arent bad, they look great just that theres more of the older then the newer

I’m gonna go into replay mode, and gather some of my favorite shots. I’ll try and post them tonight, but if I can’t, I’ll get it tmrw. If I don’t come back today, I just want to say a huge thanks to @United403 for hosting this!! I had a blast!


Just hit cruise 2:20 until beautiful Dallas Texas is in sight

Here you go

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thank you! amazing photos like always

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just touched down in Boston after 1 hr 4 minutes!

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Nice! Thanks again for hosting this event! Had a blast!

im so glad you enjoyed the event!

I’m about 660 nm and an hour and 30 mins from Denver, just passed KSTL

what aircraft?

if u were talking to me, Frontier A321

I personally find the A321 kinda difficult to fly just because of its lengh

yeah, its length is almost the size of a 757

its also very sensitive when climbing and the plane almost nose dives on departure when the flaps are retracted

yeah, that happens to me constantly haha

an hour and 18 mins till touchdown

I spawned in as southwest 5824.

now over Kansas city