23APR23: The Buffalo NY Flyout DEPARTED

I’m about 10 mins in, have like 50 mins to Dulles

i forgot to put in fuel so idk if my flight will last again 0-0

Last Flight Just Took Off!
**thank you all to who showed up!! My first time doing ATC as well. See you at the next event!
And of course Safe travels to wherever you might be going


Same I just got that on ete thing

ill find out once i reach my cruise alt

thanks again to all who participated!

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Yeah (limit )

feel free to continue chatting here until you land 😀


I’m at my level , 29 mins left now it says

i am just leveling off at FL310
have about 37 minutes to boston


alright i have enough fuel to make it to denver

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the stupid wind gods have decided to give me 54 knot crosswinds 💀

I have only got 35 lol. Once I was flying down to KSRQ and the wind was like 179

i was doing JFK-AUS in an A220 about a month ago and for 3 hrs and 20 minutes out of the 4.5 hr flight, my plane had to battle a grueling 211 knot headwind
my ground speed never got above 310 knots

Wow (limit)

Cleveland center just came online, I’m in that now lol

i wish IF would consider removing the majority of the old frontier liveries and replacing them with newer ones

I kinda enjoy the old ones, I use them often lol

old ones arent bad, they look great just that theres more of the older then the newer

I’m gonna go into replay mode, and gather some of my favorite shots. I’ll try and post them tonight, but if I can’t, I’ll get it tmrw. If I don’t come back today, I just want to say a huge thanks to @United403 for hosting this!! I had a blast!