23APR23 Coastal Cargo Run! @KPDX

Lmao, no flare at all 💀

Same lol

thanks for the event! we’re definitely going to have to do more oregon events

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@anon36731834 can i now share my events?

Yea, very unique event, great job!

when the event-end despawning occurs

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Same lol

Wasn’t my best landing

ok looks like everyone who was apart of the train of C208s has landed!

Thank you to all of you who showed up, and it appears all of us survived (which I’ve not seen before)!


@anon36731834 Thanks for yet another amazing event!
im glad to the C208 getting some much needed attention

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Great event

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I was already doing flight on the TS, and this flight so I couldn’t chat since all my devices were occupied

Thanks for hosting!

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Thanks for the event @anon36731834

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now that all of us are here, you can all despawn now or head off to another place!

yea, you ever plug your ipad up to a crappy cord and the cord dies and so does the ipad? well…

my condolences

also just realized the event end-time i set appeared to be relatively spot on

Make Sure to check out this event tonight at 6pm mst

and this one which is in 2 weeks

the buffalo one looks interesting but it’s on ts

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