23APR23 Coastal Cargo Run! @KPDX

Hello there!

Welcome to the Coastal Cargo Run, in which we will be flying C208s from Portland out to Newport on the Oregon coast in a relatively short 40-50 minute flight, conditions vary.


Event Details:

When: 2023-04-23T20:00:00Z2023-04-23T21:00:00Z

Where: KPDX (departure), KONP (arrival)

What: Cessna 208 in the FedEx livery

Server: Expert (ES)

Route Details

We will be departing Portland (PDX) for Newport (ONP). Flight plan will be made the day of, due to winds and runways likely to be different two months on from when this is published.

It is expected the flight will be a little over 40minutes once in the air.

Ramps at Portland

Wave 1

Wave 1 Ramp Assignments

South FedEx Ramp 5: @Ryan_15

South FedEx Ramp 6: @Wonderousbuilder641

South FedEx Ramp 7: @Flyin.Hawaiian

South FedEx Ramp 8: @anon36731834

South FedEx Ramp 9: @United403

South FedEx Ramp 10: @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

South FedEx Ramp 11: @PhorzaSky

South FedEx Ramp 12: @Joel_Albert

South FedEx Ramp 13: @stixx

South FedEx Ramp 14: @EastTexasAviationYT

South FedEx Ramp 15: @corgi_doodle_YT

South FedEx Ramp 16: @the_ding

South FedEx Ramp 17: @LuckyRc

Wave 2
Is able to spawn in - starting 5 min after event start - when their spot is open and can begin taxi after Wave 1 clears the ramps. Users in Wave 2 can also be brought to Wave 1 if a Wave 1 user doesn’t show up on event day

Wave 2 Ramp Assignments

South FedEx Ramp 5: @Spark-1908

South FedEx Ramp 6: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 7: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 8: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 9: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 10: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 11: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 12: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 13: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 14: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 15: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 16: VACANT

South FedEx Ramp 17: VACANT

Ramps at Newport

To those of you who make it, park around these ramps here (pictured and outlined in the blue triangle below).


Portland ATC:
Ground/Tower - Vacant
Approach/Departure - Vacant

Newport ATC:
Approach/Departure - Vacant

Seattle Center - Vacant

Note: Newport has no Ground or Tower


Interested? Want to go? Click one of the buttons and ask for a ramp below!

-I am not responsible for any violations and whatnot that you may get
-I ask you act professionally at this event
-If ATC isn’t secured and/or doesn’t make it on event day, then use Unicom appropriately
-Photo credits goes to @anon36731834 (me)

~If there’s any formatting issues or something, do let me know as I’d like to fix them~

Hope to see you there!


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You don’t need to request a specific ramp, as it’s all the same plane and route, so you can just ask simply for a ramp