23APR22 / 2000Z - Paradise Flyout @ KSRQ [12 GATES LEFT]

Sarasota/Bradenton International Flyout!

Home of the continental USA's best beach, Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport will (hopefully) be jam-packed for my first ever flyout! Sarasota is a city about 60 miles south of Tampa and is served by many airlines, predominantly Southwest and Allegiant. SRQ also has a large General Aviation presence, especially with private jets.
Airport Details
KSRQ has 2 runways - 14/32 and 4/22. Almost all aircraft operations are handled on runway 14/32, while runway the smaller 4/22 is used mostly with general aviation, and rarely used with commercial (even when winds are favorable).
Sarasota's airport interestingly has the ICAO code KSRQ - but the roots of the seemingly random "Q" in the code are in the field's past military operation. Before IATA and ICAO codes, Sarasota/Bradenton operated under RS, then switched to SSO when 3 letters were needed for all codes. In WW2, the base's code switched to SRQ because SSO was too close to SOS and they wanted to avoid confusion.
What's unique about this flyout?
Sarasota/Bradenton has a strong General Aviation presence and there are many gates available to fly pattern work in and around KSRQ during the event for those who love flying smaller crafts or need landings for Grade 4!
Event Details

Server: Expert Server

Airport: KSRQ - Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport

Time: 2022-04-23T20:00:00Z2022-04-23T16:30:00Z

How to join: Reply with your gate or IFATC request!


Please keep it professional as this is on the Expert server. Please spawn 15 minutes before the event time. Respect all of the other people even if there is another person not in the event. Have fun, everybody!

Gate Signup!
(Please consider a gate in General Aviation, they make up over 75% of KSRQ’s traffic 😁)

Terminal B (4 Gates Remaining!)
Gate Destination Aircraft Flight Number Flight Time Pilot
B1 Grand Rapids A320 Allegiant 1072 2:45 @ThePotato
B2 New Haven B738 Avelo 306 2:10 @Chase_Smith1
B3 Dallas Fort-Worth A320 American 2679 3:00
B4 Atlanta 3D A321 Delta 513 1:30 @Pilot_InfiniteFlight
B5 Boston 3D A220 Jetblue 940 3:00 @Avaitor1
B6 Chicago Midway 3D B737 Southwest 2632 2:50 @ORD777flyer
B7 Minneapolis A320 Delta 2602 3:30 @Callum_King
B8 Charlotte 3D B738 American 1477 1:50 @CaptainE
B9 Toronto Pearson 3D A319 Air Canada Rouge 1633 2:50
B10 Houston - Hobby 3D B737 Southwest 2449 2:15
B11 Denver 3D A320 United 1810 4:10 @Ultimate_Shane
B12 Hartford BCS3 Breeze 505 2:55
B14 Indianapolis B737 Southwest 3062 2:20 @Metro_Aviation
Dolphin Aviation (5 Gates Remaining!)
Gate Destination Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
Dolphin Aviation 01 Pattern Work* C172 Your Choice
Dolphin Aviation 02 Ocala* TBM-930 1:05
Cirrus Aviation Punta Gorda* SR22 0:20
GA SW01 Naples* C172 1:20
GA SW02 Pensacola* C172 3:30

*This is purely a suggestion, you can pick any route you would like!

Rectrix Aviation (3 Gates Remaining!)
Gate Destination Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
FBO Rectrix 01 Nassau* Citation X 1:00 @itscay519
FBO Rectrix 02 Chattanooga* Citation X 1:50
Cirrus Aviation Gainesville* SR22 1:20 @Aiden_Hodges
HANGAR 01 Pattern Work* Cessna 172 Your Choice
HANGAR 02 Pattern Work* Cessna 172 Your Choice
HANGAR 03 Kansas City** B757 3:00 @PolandBall_120
HANGAR 04 Pattern Work* Cessna 172 Your Choice @Captain_ATK

*This is purely a suggestion, you can pick any route you would like!
** IRL Hangar 03 stores a private B757 but in-game you cannot spawn there with one. If you choose this gate, please spawn in early and taxi to the correct gate before the flyout.

Standby Gates

Signing up standby does NOT guarantee attendance! as many people cancel right before events, anyone who signs up standby will be allowed to fill the gaps! This is perfect for those who are unsure if they can make the event or anyone interested in signing up after all gates are occupied. Standby is first come first serve, so whoever is standby 1 will have their choice over standby 2, etc. 1 day before the event starts, a poll will be sent out to all signed up for a gate (not standby) asking to confirm attendance. 3 hours before the event starts, anyone who answered no (can not attend) to the poll or didn’t answer the poll at all will be removed and all standby sign-ups will have the opportunity to take a gate. order of signup (standby 1, standby 2, standby 3, etc.) will decide who gets what!

Standby Gates
Standby 1
Standby 2
Standby 3
Standby 4
Standby 5
Standby 6

More gates will be available once these fill up!

IFATC Signup!

ATIS @JSRibs28
Tower @JSRibs28
Ground @JSRibs28
Approach Available
Miami Center Available
Jacksonville Center Available

This one please

Done! See you soon!

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Thanks a lot!

I’ll take this one. Also I just joined AAVA and I dont know how to sign up for events with my VA, so ig put AAVA 487 after my name?

This one please!

done! see you soon!

done! flew this route IRL recently and will fly it again on april 10th. see you soon!

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I am so sorry - i just realized I ignored the second half of your question! While I think a member of your VA would be best suited to answer, It would be totally fine if your callsign was whatever it normally is with your VA especially considering that you chose an American airlines routes and your with AAVA. Let me know if you have any more questions!

I must say the Avelo route is appealing, however this event is probably to early in the day for me to make it.

Hi! thanks for the interest. I do realize this time would be a bit early for some, especially those on the USA’s west coast. I was thinking after I posted the event about moving the event later to 1600z (12pm east coast, 9am west coast) but didn’t want to do that unless a situation like this one arose. if @ORD777flyer, @AviatorRyan, and @CaptainE are all able to make 1600Z, id be more than happy to change that to accommodate if that works for you. Since only 3 others have signed up as long as its good with them it really isn’t a big deal, in hindsight I probably should have originated with a better time anyways. Thanks for your interest!

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Is there a chance we could possibly make it later? I’m so sorry for asking, but I have a hockey game at 12 pm CST I believe and I’d love to make it.

sure! that entire day I am completely booked so whatever works for everyone else works for me. Let me know what time would be best for you and we can try to work something out! If this gets too complicated I may just leave it at 1400Z though although i would hate for @AIDAN101 to miss my event

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Ok perfect whatever works best for everyone!

You know me too well 🥲

is this your way of asking too sign up? because if so the spot is all yours!

Yeah, sorry 😂

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@Deltadev13 you are officially added! @ORD777flyer, @AviatorRyan, and @CaptainE I changed the time to 2000Z as it seems nobody had any conflicts. @AIDAN101 if this time works for you I’d be more than happy to put your down for the Avelo route!


I’ll take this one please!

consider it done! see you soon 👋

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