23APR21 / 1100Z - Emirates A380 @OMDB - KLAX YouTuber Flight

  • Route: OMDB To KLAX

  • Time of Departure: 2021-04-23T23:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information:
    This is the first IFC YouTube flight of Infinite Flying ——> https://youtu.be/AgTSxjewGe0 Join me From Dubai To Los Angeles
Dubai - Los Angeles

23APR21 / 1100Z - Emirates A380 @OMDB - KLAX

We will be using Departure Procedure: DVM4G . The Flight should be about 16 hours. We will depart Runway 12R at Dubai. Then when it is time to land we will land on the ILS at Runway 24R at Los Angeles. Let’s have a good flight!


Flight Plan:
OMDB KHM ASMUK SOLAK SRJ DAVUT DESLA GADPU YZD YZD BONOL ALNER PURKI KAVEK RERET OBRIX ELEDI DEMBA NSR PUTMA NENIS DURDY KRS KRS TABAB KERUL DEKUR ADEDA LUMUR AKT AKT PIRIM KOLIB NIKNA ATR OLAPU BAGIR DOKUS URL OGAPI GUTAN PENIR GITEK URUKA MOF GINUK RILKI DANDU RD LENRU KZN PINOL NURKA DINTU DIKIN OLMED UNKES RETKI ODOMI PESIB DIBIN AMDEK GERDA ERMOS TELGU KUMEN PINOD MZ DELIL ANEPA RINOV SONEP GIMON TILGA PIBOL ROTLA AGATA 8000N/02900E 8100N/02300E 8200N/01600E 8200N/01500E 8200N/01400E 8200N/01300E 8200N/01200E 8300N/0300E 8300N/0200E 8300N/0100E 8300N/0000E 8300N/0100W 8300N/0200W 8300N/0300W 8300N/0400W 8300N/0500W 8300N/0600W 8300N/0700W 8300N/0800W 8300N/0900W 8300N/01000W 8300N/01100W 8300N/01200W 8300N/01300W 8300N/01400W 8300N/01500W 8300N/01600W 8300N/01700W 8300N/01800W 8300N/01900W 8300N/02000W 8300N/02100W 8300N/02200W 8300N/02300W 8300N/02400W 8300N/02500W 8300N/02600W 8300N/02700W 8300N/02800W 8300N/02900W 8300N/03000W 8300N/03100W 8300N/03200W 8300N/03300W 8300N/03400W 8300N/03500W 8300N/03600W 8300N/03700W 8300N/03800W 8300N/03900W 8300N/04000W 8300N/04100W 8300N/04200W 8300N/04300W 8300N/04400W 8300N/04500W 8300N/04600W 8300N/04700W 8300N/04800W 8300N/04900W 8300N/05000W 8300N/05100W 8300N/05200W 8300N/05300W 8300N/05400W 8300N/05500W 8300N/05600W 8300N/05700W 8300N/05800W LT YEU RB CB BOTER ZF YSM YMM LETRM CACHO IGVUX DUDNI BIRKO YYC HAYDN ONEAL MLP REO GASSI FMG TILTS SONNY TIOGA PINNI EHF

do you know how long the flight is

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It Should be about 16 hours

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Want to join??

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Sorry, I would have to wake up at midnight NZT to land

Oh ok thank for stopping buy


youtubers only?

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No no you can join if you would like

Nice, I will spawn in in a second, but I can´t guarantee you that I won´t disconnect… I had some issues with long hauls in the past. Maybe it works now, I will give it a try

Oh ok just do your best

whats your gate?

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IDK Just spawn Where the one plane is Dubai That’s me

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ok, will be there in a second

Just Copy my Flight plan

Set you Alt to 34000 to start we might change later

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Okay, just departed

pretty misty above dubai

Yeah. Also once you’re at 34000 Set you Mach speed to M0.86