23APR / 1700Z - did some one say JFK? @KJFK

hello everyone!, Welcome to my first flyout!

this flyout wil be from JFK, the biggest airport in the New York region. JFK was once the the place to go for all transatlantic flights to Europe, Africa,and the middle east and still to some extent today!
I do this event because it’s feel JFK doesn’t get the appreciation it should
in this event you will expect short flights all across America and some loonghauuls to Europe

about JFK-

Server: expert
Airport: KJFK
Time: 1700Z2022-04-23T17:00:00Z

as i want this event to be hosted (streamed)there will be no gate assignments.


KJFK Tower | @Mrbeast6000
KJFK Ground | @Mrbeast6000
KJFK ATIS | @Mrbeast6000
KJFK Departure | Available
KJFK Center | Available


  • Please spawn in to your assigned gate 10-15 Minutes Prior To Departure, and please start Pushing-Back 5 Minutes Before Departure Time.
  • If ATC aren’t present, please use UNICOM professionally.
  • Use ATC properly.
  • Stay professional at all times.
  • If you receive a violation(s), please do not blame us. You may try to appeal them



Would love to join if it wasn’t on a Wednesday! Hope it goes well!

Oops mistake it’s supposed to be on a Saturday I changed it

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ah perfect i should be able to join now ill select a gate now!

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oh wait my bad no gate assignments


Nice flyout! I’ll definitely swing by

*note-if atleast 10 people do not join the event will be postphoned

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qiuck bump

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Definetly interested in joining! As long as there isn’t anything on my schedule, I should be able to take part in this flyout!

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can we get atc

Aren’t we gonna attend the KSRQ fly out

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On that same day or wait this is before that

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Hello! Can I take ground,tower and ATIS pls?

you are signed up! as GTS

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this on the 23rd and that flyout is on the 24th so no congestion

8 more days
make sure you come

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Is this event tomorrow by the way

If it is tomorrow, I will participate or even Saturday

Ok so it was a mistake

Um the event is on a saturday normally

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