2345 ATC Tracking Thread CLOSED

Hello! My name is Bo and this is my ATC tracking thread. If you come by and fly some patterns or have any feedback please tell me in a respectful manner. I am usually open at an airport in Texas but, will mix it up with some different airports from time to time. Usually open around 8-10 CST.
I am currently CLOSED


Open @KDAL Come by and fly some patterns will be open for about 20-30 minutes!

I’ll stop by in about 10 minutes, I’m just finishing up a flight

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*closed @KDAL Thanks for a good first Sessions*

Oh gosh, I totally forgot. I’m sorry!
When will you be open next? I’d love to come down.

I don’t know I’m still open You still wanna come? Literally was about to click yes to end.

I’m controlling now, and I have to stay open for at least another 10 minutes. I don’t wanna keep you waiting, I can definitely come down tomorrow or any other time

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Will be open sometime in the next 2 days around this time hope to see you there.

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Overall, not too bad!

There were a couple things

I did not get a sequence. you sequences me with extend downwind. No need extand downWind. American was in final so you should sequense me who should i follow . (Nr xx traffic to follow is in final /left /right downwind )

2-When an aircraft is remaining in the pattern, sequence almost immediately

3- not nede every time make right traffic until there is runway or pattern cheng . just one (Nr xx clear for option

4 I did not get a pattern entry with runway cheng. always give pattern entry at runway cheng ( pattern/ sequence/ landing clearance example (inter right / left downwind and Nr. xx who to follow. Landing clearance )

5- southwest did not get the frequency cheng. give frequency cheng when airborn. If depatcher to another destination

My English is not good Sorry if English mistake

Good luck
Thank you


Tip: add [OPEN] or [CLOSED] in front of the tracking thread title, each time you open or close and airport. Details of the airport can go into the thread.

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Ok thanks that really helps that and vectoring is what I’m working on right now sequencing and vectoring thanks for the feedback that really helped!

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Now OPEN @MBPV come down and fly some patterns around the beutiful island of Turks and Caicos.

I mean just look at that Scenery

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Still open If ayone wants to stop by!

OPEN @KDAL stop by and say hi

Are you still at KDAL?

was just about to edit post but back now

I’ll come in SWA 306

Roger. See you soon :)

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CLOSED @KDAL thanks to all that came

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OPEN @OMDB come fly some patterns or fly out!